Matrix Reloaded re-casting rumors -Updated

This is the first re-casting rumors we’ve had since the tragic death of Aaliyah…

The recent death of singer/actress Aaliyah will not slow the production down terribly, as her primary scenes have not been shot yet. The part will be recast (duh) and candidates being discussed include Stacey Dash (35) and, Brandy Norwood (22). Unknowns will also be considered for the part. From Coming Soon.

In any case already a rumoured replacement has emerged – actress Eva Mendes (“Exit Wounds”) who apparently was also one of the ‘finalists’ for the role of ‘Zee’ in the first place.

I’m also thinking that maybe Zhang Ziyi or Milla Jovovich might not be a bad idea, solely for their martial arts skills, if not for Milla’s performance in “The Fifth Element” and Zhang Ziyi’s performance in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”