Matrix Reloaded filming and another new cast member

Remember back when The Matrix was just that movie from Warner Bros. that was supposed to come out a month before The Phantom Menace? All the hype and attention was focused on George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel, so when The Matrix debuted and became an instant hit, it took everyone by surprise.

Well, things have changed for The Matrix Reloaded, the first of the two sequels to the original 1999 film. Reloaded started principal photography in San Francisco but has now moved on to Sydney, Australia. We’ve heard a couple of reports from insiders about casting or production news, but today we’re able to give our first report from the land down under!

The Aussie portion of Reloaded started filming on September 24, a little over one week ago. The first scenes the Wachowski brothers shot were in Fox’s Sydney studios stage 3. The set consists of an underground subway set that’s meant to exist within the world of the Matrix. Jada Pinkett-Smith, the actress who plays the new character of Niobe, was around for this scene. She plays the love interest of Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) in the movie.

Also of news: there’s been a bit of new casting to report. It seems Australian singer named Christine Anu has been cast in a smaller role for Reloaded. Anu performed at the Sydney 2000 Olympics last summer.

The Matrix Reloaded has a tentative release date for the summer of 2003.