Matrix Reloaded 13th Street EXCLUSIVE Report

13th Street has received an EXCLUSIVE report on a scene in the Matrix Reloaded. For those of you avoiding spoilers, I will warn you now, this isn’t something you want to read. Otherwise it’s a very cool description. Exclusive: “Matrix 2” Chase Scene! By Patrick Sauriol (of Corona Coming Attractions.

We’ve received an exclusive insider report about one of the film’s biggest and most complex chase sequences. The scene is being filmed all this week on the San Francisco freeway set for The Matrix Reloaded and it involves Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), an agent of the Matrix, a semi truck, and a whole lotta cars being smashed!

Here’s what we know: remember that elaborate freeway set the production made outside Alameda in San Fran? Well, in this chase scene Trinity is trying to stay one car length ahead of a big rig being driven by an agent. As the agent tries to overtake the freedom fighter he smashes indiscriminately into other vehicles traveling down the freeway! Apparently there’s one scene that blew away everyone watching it from the sidelines: during one moment in the chase, the agent-driven truck spins sharp into a U-turn — all while barreling down the road at 60 miles an hour! Our eyewitness says it was “the most spectacular thing he has ever seen.”