Matrix News from around the Web!

Here’s a news round up! Loads here, so read this story.. Trailer news, DVD Review, Bernard White, and more below.

Okay, starting with what you’re all looking for. The Awe-Inspiring trailer for the Matrix Revolutions. It’s online, and at the official site now.. go get ‘er at

Reading the description of the trailer doesn’t prepare you for the visual spectacle that is to be seen when you actually view it for yourself. It’s truely breathtaking and something that will hype you up for the movie like nothing before.

As for a DVD review, I’m still awaiting my copy of the DVD, but MovieHole has reviewed the DVD today. They love the movie, but feel that the DVD needs some work. Here’s the review:

Revolutions pictures. There are a LOT at the official site. A whole lot. There are FOUR pages of new pictures. Awesome.

Bernard White. He plays the mysterious character called Rama Kandra, who appeared for a second in The Matrix Reloaded. His part continues in The Matrix Revolutions, and he can be seen in a recurring role in JAG on CBS, and will be in the season premiere tomorrow night. Take a look to see who this actor is, although the role is very different from his role in the Matrix. JAG is on at 9pm on Friday.

Today is a very big day for Matrix Fans, and don’t be surprised that the forum is moving..a little’s mainly all the excitement that’s come with the Trailer.. this is HUGE!