Matrix Crew Prepared for Blackouts

Good news, Matrix sets shouldn’t be affected by the possible blackouts in California. But, the generators may also be used for something BIG in the films themselves. Kinda makes you think, oh well.
This report comes to you courtesy of Corona’s Coming Attractions:

“I was cruising by the Alameda Naval Air Station today and I saw some pretty cool stuff. There was a very big sign saying ‘Eon productions: 1st unit parking (left) 2nd unit parking (right)’. To the left was a big airplane hanger with Eon written on it and guarded by a cyclone fence and guard. (on a Saturday) And down the road to the right was the mock freeway, also guarded by a cyclone fence and guard. It was approximately 3 miles long and I couldn’t see down it at all because it had twelve foot walls on either side of it. I did see the opening, which was right near a skate park, and it looked like a regular four lane freeway, then it curved 90 degrees and I could see no more. The far side, (the side I couldn’t see) if it is open would have a clear view of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline. One funny thing I noticed was that near the hanger there was about four or five big rented semi trailers that were actually generators. Apparently the crew is preparing for rolling blackouts this summer.”

[Scooped by ‘Zac Dillon’.]