Matrix Comics Marketing: Wachowski’s To Make Appearences?

Bordough chimes in “with some less revolutionary and possibly more [revelatory] news”:

On the Burlyman HQ front page, a link entitled “Press” has appeared.

Upon further investigation, I have found, inside of a marketing sheet, new information regarding the comics and the W. Bros.

It says, and I quote,”Marketing will also be tied to the release of 2 BRAND NEW direct-to-trade comicsfrom the creators of the Matrix. This refers to Doc Frank, and the Shaolin Cowboy. News of this being a direct-to-trade is new to me! Strange…didn’t they say this would be bi-monthly?

[Specter: Upon reading the press notes, the Trade collections of the two comics will be coming later in 2005. The series is still going to be bi-monthly]

Also, press kits regarding the comics have been or will be sent to several well known magazines including Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Variety and more.

Furthermore, it says the Wachowski brothers will discuss Matrix Comics Vol 2 in upcoming interviews. And that they may make possible appearances at select locations.

Interesting? I think so!