Matrix Code Program for your Desktop!

Ira sent me this awesome program:

ZMatrix is a desktop enhancement tool which creates the streaming character effect out of ‘The Matrix’ on your desktop. The program will blend with an existing background or be drawn overtop of it and does not impede normal desktop operations.

I just found this sweet program, checkit out if you haven’t already it’s sweet heres the link:, talk to you later!!!

Games Foundry

Development Status: 5 – Production/Stable

Environment: Win32 (MS Windows)

Intended Audience: End Users/Desktop

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Natural Language: English

Operating System: Windows NT/2000

Programming Language: C++

Topic: Desktop Environment, Games/Entertainment, Graphics
Project UNIX name: zmatrix
Registered: 2002-08-15 14:35
Activity Percentile (last week): 99.9238%