Matrix 3 Title Confirmed: The Matrix Revolutions!

As most everyone knows, Joel’s also producing the two sequels to the blockbuster hit, The Matrix, the highest grossing film in the history of the studio. Right around the time of the release of Swordfish, Joel dropped the scoop that the second film would be entitled The Matrix Reloaded. Now we know the title of the third one:

The Matrix Revolutions

There have been rumors for months about the title of the third movie (similar to all the hoopla around the title for the second Star Wars film) with titles like The Matrix Crashes and The Matrix: Revolution coming close. Patrick Sauriol of Coming Attractions first reported the Revolutions rumor (he breaks all those Matrix rumors, doesn’t he?), but now it’s official.

So official, in fact, it is now in Joel’s new official bio that went out in the Thirteen Ghosts production notes.