Matrix 2 Storyboards!

Ain’t It Cool News managed to snag a first hand look at three new storyboards for the much anticipated Matrix 2 feature. An AICN insider recently tracked down the the cool artwork that gives us a look at what type of action we could expect to see in the upcoming sequel. The first board features what appears to be Neo surrounded by flames getting set to punch someone’s lights out. The second reveals the gruesome result of a blow to the face which may represent the type of fight damage we may be in store for. Finally, AICN reports the last storyboard is of the mystical city of Zion which appears to be somewhat complex with what looks like a cool organic/mechanical type of structure. There also appears to be some sort of vehicle that resembles a helicopter which, if you remember, was used rather effectively in the original Matrix.


Here’s someone who had an observation regarding the images over at AICN. “The ‘helicopter’ in the storyboard picture on AICN looks more like the hovership to me. You can see the ‘hover disks’ on the side.” So we figured, what the heck, let’s pull that badboy out and look at it.

Now, we scoured the image for people to bring this sucker into scale, but perhaps this is, like another scooper pointed out, a hovercraft like in the first film–but since it just has that copter look about it–maybe it’s for those hard-to-reach tunnels? [We idly speculate with the likes of Trav and Michael.]

What, you want more idle speculation? Well, okay. “This is just guesswork and speculation on my part, but I seem to recall a scoop from a while ago saying how there was a possible car chase scene in the movie where the agents jump from car to car chasing Neo… in that first storyboard with Neo surrounded by the fire about to hit someone there are two wrecked cars in the background. Maybe this scene takes place after/during the car chase.” [Could be, John Capaul, could be.]

-via Corona Coming Attractions