Matrix 2 hints in new Matrix Comics

If you haven’t been to the Official Matrix website for a while, perhaps it’s time you took a look. We’ll tell you why.

Two new comic stories have shown up in the past month:

The first is by David Lapham, creator of Stray Bullets, and is titled There Are No Flowers in the Real World When their hovercraft gets damaged in the real world, Rocket, the rebel team’s only survivor, finds himself trapped inside The Matrix with no way to escape. With his body badly injured, he needs to wait while a rescue party is dispatched to find his lost vessel and bring his mind back out to his real body. As the days pass, he begins to realize his body back in the real world might not make it until help arrives…

In Bill Sienkiewicz’s Broadcast Depth, a three man rebel team enjoys a brief moment in a warm tropical place. When the two daughters of one of the rebels decide to hack into The Matrix themselves and wish their mother a happy birthday, what they don’t realize is that their signal was traced by Sentinels and they lead the machines right to their mother’s hovercraft…

There’s two interesting things to note about Sienkiewicz’s Broadcast Depth:

When you saw The Matrix, did you ever wonder where the children in the Oracle’s apartment must be in the real world? They couldn’t be in The Matrix, or else the Agents would ride through them. So they must have been somewhere outside The Matrix, jacking into the construct. But where? And how does this clue bear some importance to what you’ll see in The Matrix 2? We’ll leave you to figure it out, but we know that the place where those children are is of some importance to a place you’ll see in the sequel. Our friends told us that much, at least.

What’s up with that flashing “A” on the Broadcast Depth title screen? And what happens when you click on it? Find out for yourself. We’re just here to direct you to interesting places.

[from Corona]