Matrix 2 Battle Suits?

I just got a copy of “The Art of the Matrix” today. It’s an absolutely incredible book which I’ll be reviewing in depth very soon. But as you would hope for, there’s discussion of Matrix 2 in the book. There’s a section devoted to concept art drawn by Geoff Darrow. He’s the comic artist from Hard Boiled, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, and more. He did concept art for the interior of the ship, the fetus harvester, and other cool stuff.

One of his concept drawings shown in the book is that of a Battle Suit. Darrow explains:

There’s a lot of material I drew that didn’t get used for the film – from characters to equipment – conceptual material no one’s going to see just yet. Here’s a battle suit which wasn’t used for the first film, but may or may not get used in the sequels.I’m really looking forward to the next two films, but I’m scared to death as well. I figure, they’re going find out what an imposter I am, so I’m nervous. I know Larry and Andy have a lot of this in their heads, they always saw The Matrix as more than one film, so they haven’t written themselves into a corner; they know where it’s going. It’s inevitable, I’ll be drawing Zion – a lot of fun, but a lot of work.

So will a battle suit appear in Matrix 2? We’ll find out soon enough! Check out the graphics for yourself by clicking the image below: