Matrix 2 and 3 in Pre-Production

The Matrix parts 2 and 3 are now in Pre-Production. Steve Skroce is doing preliminary art for the highly anticipated continuations of the the series. With pre-production underway, more news should follow soon. See for more…

Corona Coming Attractions reports: Matrix sequel news out of Sydney’s Morning Herald: a year after the announcement that the Wachowskis would be making the two sequels back-to-back but that active development has been delayed because the two scripts aren’t yet complete.

“There’s some preliminary planning going on,” Andrew Mason, one of the producers of The Matrix, told the Morning Herald. “But without the scripts, no-one can really lock anything in. So everybody’s lining up every option and holding their breath.”

Remember those reports that the Matrix sequels might not be filming in Sydney after all, but they were never confirmed? Now we have proof that the option is at least being tossed around. Mason said that it’s looking “pretty good” that the sequels will be filmed in Australia but that locations in Canada and Britain are being scouted, just in case studio space can’t be booked. Mason told the paper that the earliest the films could now start filming would be around the middle of next year; there’s simply too much pre-production time needed before they’d be ready to start shooting. [Scooped by Adam Butler; originally appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.]