Letter from the Editor!

Greetings! If you take a look around at this site, you notice subtle changes here and there. One big change that is being implemented is with the news. Now, when there is news for Matrix 2, not only does it appear on the main page, but on the Matrix 2 page as well. The same is true of Matrix 1, Matrix 3, Misc., and Symbolism. The archives are undergoing changes as well. A few more changes are coming in the weeks to come, all to give you the best Matrix news site on the web!

I am going out of town early tomorrow morning, so be sure to come back on Monday for the latest news. I’ll be checking my e-mail then and updating it as well.

The Forums are becoming more active. If you’ve signed up, but haven’t posted anything yet, or in a while, please consider doing so. The more you post, the more other people will post, and the better the community will be. There are 25 members right now and growing daily. Post and tell your friends!