Kick Gurry talks Speed Racer

Australian actor Kick Gurry (“Looking for Alibrandi,” Garage Days”) tells today’s Herald-Sun about being cast in the Japanimation turned Pricey Pic, “Speed Racer.”

Says Gurry, who will play Sparky the mechanic, “When I met the [Wachowski] brothers they said, ‘We remembered meeting you on The Matrix sequels. You came and read for us, and we really liked what you did, and we wanted to bring you in for this and see what you could do with it.”

The actor, who also recently appeared in the Quentin Tarantino produced “Dirty Calhoun,” says, “They’re such amazing guys. You can tell within 30 seconds of meeting them how smart they are, and not just about cinema – about life.”

As for what he’ll be doing in the film, Gurry hasn’t been told a lot yet. “To be honest, I don’t know a great deal about the film. This all just happened. And obviously it’s one of those big secret projects where they’re very secrective about the script.”

[MovieHole], thanks to cornelius for the link