Keanu talks sequels

“I just think of what I’m doing as one very big movie that’s going to be edited into two separate films,” he told the Calgary Sun. “I never try to decide if the scene we’re working on is from Matrix 2 or Matrix 3.”

Reeves says the training for these new films “is more physically demanding than it was for the original movie. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be my knees in the morning before I start limbering up.”

Reeves stresses he and his co-stars aren’t the only ones working double duty on the new Matrix project. “The expectations for these next two films are so great that we know we all have to work to maximum capability. It’s more ambitious for me physically but it’s the same for (filmmakers) Andy and Larry Wachowski. They’re really pushing themselves creatively and technically.”

Meanwhile, Reeves told the Detroit Free Press the next two “Matrix” chapters “are so beyond the first film it’s unbelievable.” Without revealing anything about the plot, he promises the films will be deeper and more elaborate in every way, especially in regard to story. “They’re just a lot more layered.

“I never did think of ‘The Matrix’ as an action film,” he adds. “To me it was science-fiction drama, and the special effects, as amazing as they were, are only part of the storytelling process. What the Wachowskis (brothers Andy and Larry, who co-directed and co-wrote) have done is synthesized everything that’s going on emotionally, technologically and philosophically in movies in ways that made everything else look instantly old-fashioned. I mean, all you have to do is see the movies that came out in the last year to see the influence it had.”