Keanu Talks Matrix Sequels

Miami Herald: We’re almost out of time, so let’s talk about “The Matrix” sequels. It feels like you guys have been working on these for a year already.

Keanu Reeves: That’s because [the Wachowski brothers] do pre-production and principal photography at the same time. I started training in November and trained for five months. Then we went to Oakland, filmed for three months, and had a two-week break. Now we’re in Australia. I’ve been training for two months and I start filming again in two weeks.

Miami Herald: And shooting is going to take a whole year?

Keanu Reeves: Filming is going to be about 15 months, with occasional breaks. I won’t be finished until June of 2002, and we started this past March.

Miami Herald: So you’ve read both scripts.

Keanu Reeves: Yes, they’re both finished.

Miami Herald: Can you give me a sense of what the story is about?

Keanu Reeves: [smiles] No.

Miami Herald: I heard there’s a scene in the film where your character, Neo, comes face to face with 100 versions of himself.

Keanu Reeves: [grinning] Uh-huh.

Miami Herald: 100 Keanus! Is it true?

Keanu Reeves: [laughs loudly]

Miami Herald: Come on, you can tell me. It doesn’t spoil anything.

Keanu Reeves: [silence]

Miami Herald: You can’t even confirm that much?

Keanu Reeves: [smiling] You know the problem? I might say, “Yes, it is true,” but it might not be true. Because I can’t tell you the truth. So does it really matter what I say?

Source: The Miami Herald