Juno Reactor on Soundtrack

leXX sends word from ReactorLeak.com about Juno Reactor’s contributions to the Matrix music:

Juno Reactor have just completed work on the score of the eagerly awaited new Matrix film, ‘Matrix Reloaded’.

Ben was initially invited out to Los Angeles by the directors to provide music on one of the films key scenes, the freeway chase.

This scene was described by Newsweek

The freeway chase will redefine action filmmaking and visual effects for years. The sequence may be the most audaciously conceived, thrillingly executed car chase ever filmed.”

The director’s were thrilled that their vision of hard electronica and orchestral music had finally been achieved, they asked for another key scene to be written in this way, the Burly Brawl.

Juno Reactor have 3 new tracks on the soundtrack album,
Mona Lisa Overdrive – Juno Reactor
Teahouse – Juno Reactor feat. Gocoo
Burly Brawl – Juno Reactor v. Don Davis

There are further tracks featured on the Animatrix and also the Enter The Matrix interactive computer game.

Source: ReactorLeak thanks to leXX for the news