Jet Li: possible new Matrix cast member?

IGN Movies has a very interesting story that stems from a conversation with producer Joel Silver and Jet Li. Take a look and savor the prospect of Jet Li kicking ass in one of “The Matrix” sequels:

These days Joel Silver talks a lot about The Matrix. With Joel on hand, I decided to toss some Matrix questions at Jet. He professed that he’s a big fan of the film, commenting that the Wachowski’s have a gift for melding the Hong Kong action flick with the American blockbuster. He also said that he hopes to work with the Wachowski’s at some point, and would love to get in on The Matrix sequels. Hmmm.

Does Romeo mark the beginning of a Silver/Li partnership? According to Joel, “Jet has a great idea for another picture that we are talking about now. It’s called The First King. It’s an interesting idea that’s a present day story that ends up dealing with first century China.” And as much as I tried to pick at him for details on The First King, Joel wasn’t budging.

The Wachowski’s are huge fans of Jet, readily admitting his influence on The Matrix. If general American audiences tap into Jet in Romeo, you better believe that Silver is gonna look to work with the lightning quick Li in the future. So it looks like the potential of Jet landing in one or both of The Matrix sequels is pretty good — unless there isn’t a character that he matches up with in the script. Then again, Keanu beating Jet really stretches credibility and Li as a resistance partner could overshadow Neo. We’ll see how it plays out, but this is some serious food for thought.