Jean Reno and Luke Goss up for Matrix Sequel Roles?

Unconfirmed rumors (but then, they’re the best kind) have French actor Jean Reno (Ronin) and another undisclosed French actress up for roles in the Matrix sequels. Apparently, one of the parts calls for a male somewhere in the 40 year old range. According to our scooper, someone has hinted at possibly reviving Jean Claude Van Damme’s fading career. Also rumored to be in the mix is former British pop star Luke Goss who may be playing one of the agents. Goss’ credits include the stage version of Grease, Plan 9 From Outer Space, and was one of the duel frontmen of the group Bros with his twin brother. Sure, they’re all unconfirmed rumors, but other sources tell us the French characters and the new agent are indeed the real deal.

-via Corona Coming Attractions