Japanese Matrix Figures & World Stunt Awards

Hello everyone,

Yes, there are two titles to this post, as I have two things I believe you all may want to know about.

The first of which, as Level_41 helped report earlier, is that Keanu Reeves was up for, and HAS WON the Taurus 2004 World Stunt Award:

“Best Action Movie Star” Honorary Award for 2004.

While this may be common knowledge, these awards are mostly for those who do NOT get recognition, and as such, I am pleased to say, that the award for:

“Best Overall Stunt by a Woman”

Went to Debbie Evans, for her death-defying work as Trin’s double during the more dangerous parts of the Freeway Chase in The Matrix: Reloaded.
Their description was,

“Female motorcycle rider weaves through a crowded freeway, evading multiple cars and a semi truck, while carrying a passenger on the back of the motorcycle. She then rides through the traffic head-on to escape.”

Funnily enough, Mrs. Evans beat out femme-fatales from “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”, “Kill Bill”, “Terminator III”, and EVEN another female nominated for her stunts in Reloaded! Mrs. Debbie Ross Rondell.

Mrs. Rondell’s nomination description was,

” A black sedan does a pipe ramp turn over on a crowded freeway. A silver Cadillac CTS then drives underneath the sedan.”

We should be both thankful and proud, that such dedicated women are getting noticed for their intensely difficult, and rarely appreciated work.

Along with individual stunt performers, The Matrix: Reloaded was nominated for an award for “Best Fight”, ..and no, not for the Burly Brawl, but for the Chateau Scene.

“Nominees: Ousan Elam, Chen “Tiger” Hu, David Leitch, Brad Martin, David No, Chad Stahelski, Marcus Young

Description: Lead character takes on several henchmen in a chateau. Using wires, ancient weapons and martial arts, the stunt men crash into walls, fight around a grand staircase and destroy statues.”

(I was pretty sure they did more than just THAT!)

Unfortunately, while up against “Kill Bill”, “The Rundown”, and “Shanghai Knights”,…we were bested by “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. Yeah, I know. But even being nominated is pride-inducing enough.

Another noteworthy nomination, was in the category for “Best Stunt Coordinator”.

Glen Boswell, David Ellis, R.A. Rondell

for The Matrix: Reloaded.
We were up against the likes of “Bad Boys II”, “The Last Samurai”, “2 Fast 2 Furious”, and “Terminator III”…but it was “Bad Boys II” that bested us. ( ).

All in all, it was a great nod for those unsung heroes who are immersed and highly dedicated to the ‘movement’ of The Matrix.

It couldn’t have been THAT bad, afterall, Keanu was in a good mood.

Also, remember there are two parts to this post?

Well some new Matrix figures are being crafted and released in Japan.

Although I am aware of them being simulations, within a simulation….(hesitates)…within…a…simulation, they are cool nonetheless, and a bit refreshing to see another culture’s take on what is already, an American Sci-Fi classic.

See them here. *motions to the discontinued ones*
and here.
..and it is also worth mentioning that Gentle Giant Studios, the company responsible for the amazing ‘mini-busts’ of the Matrix characters, will soon be releasing (at least for now) a full Morpheus statue. Read here to find out about it.

Many thanks to Turgay Gun, and Usagi.