Jada Pinkett Smith talks Matrix Reloaded – UPDATED

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CC FIRST: Jada Pinkett Smith talks “Matrix Reloaded”
POSTED ON 11/30/01 AT 1:30 A.M.

Our own Lisa Zlotnick was at the “Ali” junket and with the help of other reporters, feuded some questions about “The Matrix Reloaded” to Jada Pinkett Smith.

Besides Ali, what else is Jada Pinkett Smith up to these days?

I am in the world of the Matrix, the never-ending movie, as we all know, and so until that wraps up, that’s about it for me.

How difficult is it for her to shoot both films simultaneously?

Well, we’re shooting two and three and we’re also shooting a video game that has movie footage in it, a video movie. So, we’re doing three projects at the same time and it’s hectic.

What character does she play and what sort of training did she undergo?

Niobe is just basically the female version of Morpheus, very tough, very “no bull crap.” She just puts it on the table. The type of training – I’ve just had to do a lot of…I had to go to Oakland for four months and do four months of Kung Fu training, wire training and I have to go back in February for 5 months of filming in Australia.

Is she stronger now because of all this training?

Yeah I put Will [Smith] in a headlock, you know, wrestle him down…he can’t get up!

So what special effects will we be seeing this time?

Oh man, you have no idea what’s in store for you…no idea.

Not even a hint?

You gotta go see it!

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Latino Review sat down with Jada Pinkett-Smith and talked about her role in the upcoming Ali picture, but also asked how her work for The Matrix Reloaded was coming along. “Oh, it’s going,” Pinkett-Smith told Latino Review. “I have to go back in February for 5 more months, I feel like I’m in the Matrix for real. Its like a never ending movie, but it’s coming along. Also they had to recast Aaliyah and Gloria Foster (The Oracle) parts, which is really sad. But it’s coming along.”

Source: Cinema Confidential