Matrix Reloaded Scoops

This is a HUGE rumored report from’s Forums. It was posted by a guy who may have posted rumors there before. These are whoppers and can be considered SPOILER material. Here is the post:

Alright Matrix fans..listen and listen well.

Lets just say I work closely on the Matrix. Don’t ask me what I do or who I know as i can’t afford to tell you anything (I love my job security).

A couple of extras and one of the illustrators working in the ‘animation hub’ mentioned this site so I thought i would pop in.

I will tell what i can. I will be vague and for this I apologize..But you don’t want me to give it all away.

A few things that some of you may or may not know already:

1. We are NOT using bullet time anymore..too many lame ass directors stole it for their own movies

2. We have a similar effect..but forget about simple rotation of camera…it now goes ANYWHERE at any SPEED. It is like bullettime on acid…the demo reel I saw was amazing. And trust can steel this ..its un-copyable

3. Agents are not the enemy you seek. However it is established they can take over any object in the matrix..not just other humans.

4. The lady in red may not be back..but look for the waterfall ..hows that for cryptic.

That’s it for now. I will be back. Feel free to ask what you want..Ill answer the good questions with the best info I have.

Don’t ask if i’m real…I don’t care what you think…but lets assume I am…that what i have seen will blow your mind..and can tell you what the Matrix is..but I’ll do my best.

Our response:

#1: John Gaeta talked about that in the French version of Premiere.

#2: Sounds pretty cool, I’ve heard something about that for the Car Chase.

#3: Sounds like Virii to me, and gets me thinking about the crows next to Agent Smith in the teaser.

#4: Umm, what? Are there girls in the WaterFall scene? Because that’s what it appears that he is getting at.