Harry Lennix Talks Matrix Sequels

Harry’s next movie project(s) are The Matrix 2 & 3 though, like the rest of the cast he is sworn to secrecy about these hotly anticipated sequels to the ground -breaking original.

‘All I can say is that in my opinion they are good scripts. There are certain classical motifs to the storylines and I think the techniques I have been learning with the RSC ‘s (Royal Shakespeare Company) voice coach can also be applied to my work on The Matrix .’
Source: Birmingham Post

And from another source:

HIS nephews and nieces have been desperately trying to dig out the secrets of the new Matrix movies, but Harry Lennix’s lips are sealed.

The Chicago-born actor appears in the two sequels of the sci-fi blockbuster as Commander Lock, but has been sworn to silence about what happens to Keanu Reeves and Co next.

“We’ve have to sign contracts,” he explains, “and we can’t say anything about it.

“All I can really say is that I don’t think people will be disappointed. If we film a crowd scene with lots of extras we even change the line of dialogue if it gives away an important plot point.”

The Matrix is Harry’s first big action sci-fi movie and follows acclaim in films like Titus with Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange.

“The special effects are so painstaking and take a lot of time and it’s a very different way of working for me,” says Harry. “It’s really not like anything I’ve done before.”

The award-winning actor began filming early this year and heads to Australia next year to shoot Matrix 3.
Source: Coventry Evening Telegraph

Sounds Great! 🙂