Gina Torres talks Matrix 2 filming with Aaliyah

Here’s the report from Sci-Fi Talk:

Gina Torres of the new series Alias recently talked to me about her new role as a spy in the ABC series.

“She is basically, Sydney’s (Jennifer Garner) arch nemesis. I am a bad girl which is a great deal of fun to play. She is her equal only on the opposite side of the spectrum. That’s all I can reveal right now..Rest assured everytime that Ana shows up there’s trouble. She’s a very interesting character. She has a very interesting past. She’s half cuban, half russian.She’s the last of the cold war babies.”

Ms Torres will appear in ten episodes this season. She’s also starring in Matrix 2 with future husband, Laurence Fishburne. She didn’t say much as she is under contract but give me one moment she had with singer Aaliyah on the set.

“My character (in Matrix 2 ) is Cass…I was shooting a scene in Matrix, a couple of months ago and it was with Aaliyah . We we’re sitting around talking between camera set ups. Harold Perrineau who is also in the movie, and who I have known on and off from New York through other people were talking and reminiscing about auditioning. for musicals in New York. We started singing and Aaliyah looked back and said, “You can sing.” I said, “Yeah we can sing.” She was a sweet, sweet girl.”

She also talks about her experiences on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Cleopatra 2025. The interview runs in two parts. Part One airs on Saturdays and Part Two on Sundays.

Source: Sci Fi Talk