Gamebiz Preview: The Matrix: Path of Neo

Another from TrinityInfinity: The Matrix Path of Neo is certainly a game that many fans of the films and game, ‘Enter the Matrix’ will be keen to hear about. Back when the original game released to coincide with the release of Matrix Reloaded in 2003, PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC owners were over the moon with the step forward of movie-game integration which Enter the Matrix represented. Still, there was something odd about the game which many people did mention but was mostly overlooked in the matrix-fuelled hysteria of the time. That something was that in Enter the Matrix you couldn’t play as the main character, Neo. Think about it for a minute; that’s like releasing a Spiderman game without Spiderman in it! Nevertheless, Enter the Matrix was a great action game that scored well with gamers and film fans alike.

With 2 more years under their belts since then, the main men at Shiny have been hard at work on a new Matrix game that is everything the gamer and movie fan could ever want. Rather than Enter the Matrix 1.5 or 2, Shiny have set about to create Matrix 5.0 – a game that is leaps and bounds above the original in terms of gameplay and graphics. Their first step was addressed with the title and main function of the game – to be ‘The One’. You play as Neo right from the start of the game spanning across the three movies to the end where he fights for the ultimate fate of mankind and, this time, you CAN win…

Path of Neo starts as Neo sits at his desk, as he did in the movie, and the words ‘Wake up Neo’ appear on his PC monitor. You’re then taken to a dream sequence in which you play through a pseudo-lobby scene in which your skills are rated. A number of enemies attack you and depending on how well you beat them up, you are awarded with the option of choosing your difficulty level in the game. Do well and you can choose a higher level – if you’re hopeless you get to play the game through on easy.

Path of Neo uses a similar control system to Enter the Matrix. (On PlayStation 2) Triangle is punch, circle is throw, square is evade/roll and X is jump. R2 pulls out your current weapon, R1 fires that weapon. L1 enables ‘Focus’ for uber-cool slow motion moves and L2 opens doors and activates things and also allows Neo to back up against walls to use them for cover. The digital pad is used to cycle through weapons and to also activate ‘Code’ mode where Neo can view the matrix in its code form (useful for seeing through walls and detecting hidden enemies). The right analogue controller moves Neo about while the left one controls the camera angle, which can be changed at any point for great angles of Neo smashing people!

Path of Neo uses a much more expanded combat system to Enter …….tent=510&page=1