Free Ferrari’s for Matrix 2?

Even car manufacturers want a piece of the ‘Matrix’ Sequels:

They are using an abandoned airstrip in Alameda to film chases and explosions. The movie is getting Porsches and Ferraris free of charge from the European plants. All the production has to pay for is shipping. Once done – even if they were trashed, are sent back.

In addition, there is virtually no chance of real Ferrari’s being used in the film, and Porsches are a dime a dozen for this stuff. Plus, I don’t really consider either of those to have futuristic cars. HOWEVER, there have been 4 of the new Cadillac Escalade XLT trucks dropped off (in black, probably Agent’s vehicles) as well as one of the Cadillac Evoq prototype cars (in silver, probably Neo’s?). Very Matrix, unlike the other cars mentioned.