Filming in Fox Studios in Two Weeks

This report comes from Dark Horizons! Take a look:

FOX Studios Tour: ‘Brad’ recently went on the FOX Studios lot tour and gives a description of some SW/Matrix stuff:

“Tiny bit of info I picked up at Fox Studios today during the backlot tour. During a presentation of how make-up and costumes are done for films, the woman presenting said she had worked make-up on SW Episode II. When I spoke to her afterwards, she said she didn’t want (and wasn’t allowed) to say much, but did mention that Matrix II starts filming at Fox in 2 weeks, then they work on Matrix III, and in 1.5 years they start SW Episode III.

As a bit of fun, she mentioned that when they were filming SW EII, all the cast had their own little personalised scooters they would ride around on — there was a mask of each person’s character attached to the front of the scooter. She also said that Ahmed Best was a huge amount of fun”