Fan Blog: Neo, Agent Smith, The Reunification of Being and Return to Spirit

[FAN BLOG] Phew. If I get this right, this essay will explain why The Matrix trilogy is the Michelangelo’s David or the Mona Lisa of film. The pinnacle of human accomplishment in this medium. And a profound statement about life, humanity and the divine that sends shivers down my spine. Of course all this pretty much guarantees that even the 2 people who read this blog regularly aren’t going to read this. The fact that no one cares has never stopped me from doing anything before.

The relationship between Neo and Agent Smith in the films is very misunderstood, and since this figures so crucially into the amazing ending is a large part of the reason the later movies get so critically panned. Neo (the apparent hero) and Agent Smith (the apparent villain) are the inevitable resultant of the Matrix’s programming equations which produces anomalies in the system. Neo, or the One exists, and thus Smith must exist as well as an inevitable product of the mathematical equations of the system attempting to balance themselves out. Hence Smith is Neo’s opposite, the Yang to Neo’s Yin.

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