Exclusive with Keanu Reeves on Matrix Sequels: “I don’t even own a Computer”

Germain was able to attend a press junket for ‘Sweet November.’ During the conference, he was able to slip in a question, concerning the ‘Matrix’ sequels, and another question about Keanu’s computer habits. Here’s how Keanu answered, written from a true fan point of view:

…Into the room walks Keanu Reeves. I’m thinking, “It’s NEO. IT’S TED LOGAN!!!!” But I hold in my excitement. All the questions I got from the countingdown volunteers were aimed at Keanu (with the exception of like 2), so I knew I had to represent them well. The interview was going well when I decided, it was my turn to ask a question. “You’ve stated in previous interviews that beyond wire work, the scenes in the next Matrix films are much more elaborate, can you add any more to this?” Keanu looks at me, thinks, mutters to himself, “what am I allowed to say here” and answers. “Well, there are a lot of weapons in this one, and instead of one on one battles like the original film, there will be many more multi-person battles.” There was more than that, but that was the gist. The questions continue and I want to ask another. I wait for a silence and ask, “Since we are the online group here, I’m curious, do you use the internet very often?” Keanu laughs and says, “I don’t even own a computer. The Wachowski brothers make fun of me all the time. ‘You’re fxxxxxx Neo, and you don’t own a COMPUTER?!?!,’ to which I say, ‘That’s why they call it acting.’ ” The entire room laughs. Keanu is a nice guy. (Thanks to Germain for a most excellent report)