ESC to Wrap Revolutions in September

From Coming Soon, they report that Warner Brothers will be keeping ESC Entertainment, the effects house created for the Matrix trilogy, open to create special effects for other films coming from Warner Brothers. After the completion of The Matrix Revolutions, they’ll be busy on another WB film.

ESC has been set by Warner Brothers to work as the lead effects house on “Catwoman” with Halle Berry in the lead as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. They are preparing the film for a summer 2004 release. ESC is also in the cards to possibly help with visuals for “Constantine” and “Superman.”

ESC has 250 artists on staff creating effects sequences for “Revolutions,” which bows in November. Final shots for the film are expected to be delivered sometime in September, after which ESC will move on to Catwoman.

A number of other effects shops also are working on “Revolutions,” including Sony Pictures Imageworks, Animal Logic, Buf, Tippett Studio and Pixel Liberation Front. More than 1,500 effects shots were created for both films said to have cost $100 million alone.

Source: Coming Soon