Don Davis Talks Score

CC: Can you talk about your work The Matrix Reloaded and the third installment?
DD: Well, I did write some pre-score music (music which is being shot to). I actually completed that before beginning work on Jurassic Park III.

CC: Are you working on both the second and third films’ scores?

DD: I’m not actively working on them because there isn’t a lot to do other than sorting out thematic material…at least until they have a cut for me to see. That won’t occur for about a year, but I have been signed to score both of them.

CC: Will the soundtrack be a mix of your score with electronica pieces once again?

DD: Yes. Jason Bentley produced the song score for The Matrix and is also working on The Matrix 2 and 3.

CC: So it will be the same sort of blend?

DD: Well, there will be a blend, but I can’t say if it will be “the same” or not yet. I have been speaking with Jason and there may be more collaboration with me this time. This way they’ll be a bit more integration between the score and songs. The concept I’m going on at the moment is that we are going to expand upon what was done in the first Matrix. I think there may be more opportunity for more melodically thematic material in the next two films.

Source: Tracksounds