Details on the Casting Call, from someone who was there!

Hey hey! The casting call happened in Australia yesterday. From the following report, it had a huge turnout. I wish I could have been there but hey, this is the report. It also includes a scan of the documentation that the potentials were given which uses the name “The Burly Man” as the shooting title of both Matrix 2 and 3. Here’s the on-site report from Nerje:

Hey everybody, I just this moment came back from the casting call previously mentioned on this site.

It was huge! I arrived at 5 minutes to 10, and there was already a huge line! There wasn’t much else I could do so I lined up, and began chatting to people in the line.

We lined up for two and a half hours. It was ages! We estimated that over 1000 people had shown up. They were after people who were 6 foot 2, but were going to settle for people that were six foot. A few people in the line had even gone to the extreme of dressing up EXACTLY like Agent Smith or Neo… It was a great atmosphere with all of the people there.

A group of us (myself included) had our photos taken by a lady from the Sun-Herald, so tomorrow I might have a picture of me to scan in from the newpaper. I also took a lot of photos with a crummy disposable camera, and my Dad took some great pictures of the huge line that went over half a kilometre long… I’ll post them as soon as they are developed.

Once we neared the end, however, there were SO many people still lined up that they cut it back to 6’2 exactly. Meaning I was no longer eligible to get through the doors. It was a bummer, but a great guy I met there was still able to get in, and at ten past 1pm he made it through. Finally.

When he’d made it out, he gave me the lowdown on what was inside. The process was as follows:

Once through the door, you went up some step where a guy had a silhouette for you to stand against. They checked against it and if you fit the head height and shoulder width, you were given a registration form which you filled out at a nearby table.

When the form was filled you were given an information sheet (pictured) which contained all the relevant information. You were also given a number and then ushered through to the next room where you held the number up and stood next to a cardboard cut-out of Agent Smith to have your photo taken.

About the info sheet *SPOILERS AHEAD*:
I’ve scanned the information sheet so that you can read it. Notable aspects of the sheet refer to the sequels collectively as “The Burly Man”. It also mentions that the movies are being filmed from 24 September until June 2002.

The people accepted looked generally just like Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) and it was mentioned that they needed between 75 and 150 men. This adds a heap of fuel onto the fire of speculation about the fighting 100 Agent Smiths rumour…

I’ll post up those photos as soon as possible. If anyone has any more information the please feel free to EMail me.