Carrie-Anne Talks Training – UPDATED!

I’ve updated this report with a bit from the Florida Sun/Sentinel. It’s not much more but interesting, none the less.
While promoting the video release of the ‘Red Planet’, Carrie-Anne Moss answered some questions about training for the ‘Matrix’ Sequels:

Carrie-Anne ended up on crutches for six weeks after straining her knee. Her time spent preparing action scenes for the special effectsladen epic was certainly no picnic.

“Oh my God – the training is so hard, it’s unbelievable!” she says. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it is.”

“It’s not even about being fit. . . it’s beyond being fit. It’s amazing, because you feel like you’re never going to learn it, but you do.”

“Doing it once before, it makes it more difficult because you know how hard it is. But you also know that eventually you’ll be able to do it.”

UPDATE: 5/31/2001
JOHN PARKYN of the Florida Sun-Sentinel received a question on Trinity’s status in the sequel. We already know that she will return, but there were some interesting quotes in here:

In your column you stated that Keanu Reeves is filming two back-to-back sequels to The Matrix. Will Carrie-Anne Moss return as the leather-clad Trinity?

The 33-year-old Canadian beauty is already in Australia reprising her role as Reeves’ butt-kicking companion. Moss is something of a Matrix maven — she starred in a 1993 USA Network series of the same name — and says she’s looking forward to the rigorous two-movie schedule, even though it’s the most physically demanding role she has ever played. “I had to undergo a regimen of kicking, punching and stretching,” she says. “It took me several hours each day just to get over the pain.” Moss figures it will be worth it. Since The Matrix became the surprise hit of 1999, the former model’s acting career has boomed, with appearances in the Oscar-nominated Chocolat and in the cult movie Memento.