Bernard White invites you to “The Bhagavad Gita”

Jeff Kober, Nathalie Canessa White and Bernard White invite you to join them as they join in on a journey that began a long, long, long, long time ago.

A Work In Progress Public Showing of. . .

THE SONG OF GOD. . .the first 3 and 1/11 discourses.

directed by Jeff Kober
performed by Bernard White

at plymouth on Melrose (4359 MELROSE AVE., Hollywood) at Heliotrope (3 blocks West of Vermont)

Thursday – Sunday, July 15 – August 1, 2004
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8:00PM
Sunday at 3:00PM

For reservations; email [email protected] or call 323/960-7884

This will be a benefit run for the NONVIOLENT PEACEFORCE.

An international organization that is fulfilling Gandhi’s dream of a “Shantih Sena”, a Peace Army.

No admission will be charged. We will ask for donations to go to this incredible organization.

Check out their website;

Please spread the word. Especially to anyone interested in Spirituality, Religion, Politics or THE MATRIX.

We think the Yoga Community might be particularly interested in this.

Another purpose of this production is to get theatre folk with the means to produce theatre to become interested in moving this toward a fuller production. So spread the word to those kind of folk, also.