Artxilla, Gamexilla and Gentle Giant present ‘The Matrix’ Art contest!

In celebration of ‘The Matrix”s TEN DISK DVD set release, Artxilla & Gamexilla will be holding an art contest where you could win tons of slow motion bullet-time, Keanu love! (Editors note: Keanu love is not actual prize. Sorry ladies.)

For our first time ever, there are TWO ways to win. FOUR ART ENTRANTS will win a DVD set and Gentle Giant Bust sets. TWO lucky winners can win the old fashioned way. Send in your name to [email protected], and be drawn randomly for a set of Gentle Giant busts.

What can you win?

•ONE Grand Prize Art Winner will receive a copy of ‘The Ultimate Matrix 10 disk DVD set’ and a light up NEO Bust from Gentle Giant! You’ll want to follow the white rabbit for this prize. The set includes all 3 ‘Matrix’ movies, ‘The Animatrix’, filmed scenes from ‘Enter the Matrix’, and dozens of full-length documentaries and special features for all the material.

•THREE lucky ART Contest entrants will receive ‘The Matrix’ bust-sets from Gentle Giant studios. These gorgeous pieces of art will look great anywhere in your house, on your desk, or hunting down a rebellious program.

•Can’t draw? You’re in luck! TWO randomly drawn names will also get a set of ‘The Matrix’ bust-sets from Gentle Giant studios. Just send in your name to [email protected].

How do you enter the art contest?
Go into our FORUMS (just click on the FORUMS link in the top bar of Gamexilla— area, and join up. It’s quick AND free! You get access to all the ‘Xilla boards and future contests (some members are even picked randomly to win prizes!) Once you are a member, Click on the “READY, SET, DRAW!” area (, to see all the entries and enter your own. Leave feedback and comments on all the work, and really join the community!

Any kind of artwork in any format (hand drawn, CGI, animation, painting, crayons, sculptures, etc.) is acceptable—as long as it’s within “The Matrix” universe of heroes and villains! We want the BEST Matrix art you have to appear on our site!

And remember, no GORE or NUDITY in this contest.

The deadline for this contest is Wed. Feb.16th, 2005.

There is one slight change for this contest. Now that the Gamexilla office is in Canada, all foreign winners (including U.S. residents) must pay for thier own shipping. Shipping will be aprox. $15.00 per prize to the US, but each prize pack is worth over $150 msrp.

Good luck! And don’t forget:
Enter as many times as you like, and check out our current entries at this link:

Good Luck!

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•email: [email protected]
•PHONE: (613) 283-1328, Cell PHONE: (613) 291-2484

Lombardy, Ontario, K0G-1LO, Canada

•AIM: bencickenobi
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