Another Reloaded Report from a Zion Extra

Warning, Spoilers: Well, here is an Exclusive set report from a Zion Extra. It contains the same information as the previous reports, but it’s nice to know that there were 1100 Extras for Zion. 1100? Wow, Zion is a pretty big place. Anywho, here is the Exclusive report:

“Ok. first of all I just wanna say that working on the film as a ZION extra has been quite an experience. It was almost like a utopia. Everyone that were in the shot all had a blast and not only that, but we got a chance to hear one of Morpheus’s speech inside the city of ZION. I’ve never seen so many beautiful people in my life. all 1100 extras got along and the energy we built was amazing when we all had to yell out Morpheus /Zion!!!!! Imagine how that sounds like with 1100 people in a cave. All men and women wearing close to nothing! Well let me stop before I get in trouble but it was amazing! Hopefully, they’ll need us all back! The movie should be awesome. I can’t wait!”