Aaliyah talks Matrix sequels -UPDATED

Aaliyah was interviewed by Jet Magazine – here’s a clip. [Small spoilers] She can’t say much about the Matrix sequels. “They are being totally secretive. So unfortunately, I can’t divulge too much, but my character’s name is Zee. She’s a funky girl very much in love with her boyfriend. I don’t know much myself. I’ll know more when I get to the set. It is top secret. I am just very excited about it. It is cool to be a part of such an amazing film. It’s like the Star Wars of our time.”

Thanks to Squirk for the heads up!

UPDATE: Aaliyah talked with The Herald Sun about the upcoming ‘Matrix’ sequels. For her part as ‘Zee’ in the Matrix sequels she says: “My character gets introduced in part two but has quite a lot to do in part 3”.