A look back…

Hello! I thought that today we’d take a look back at MatrixFans.net, before it was MatrixFans.net!

It all started in May of 1999. I opened the site with a red and black color scheme on Xoom.com. The Matrix Trilogy was born. I’d update the site on a fairly regular basis, and seeing as at the time, there were only about seven Matrix websites, I figured that I might as well follow up on the rumors of the Matrix 2 and 3. I decided to just go ahead and call my site, “The Matrix Trilogy” and deliver anything I could find on the Matrix and any hints about the sequels.

here is the first logo for this site that I made:

My site really started to take off as soon as it was listed on the links page at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com) and people were sending in all sorts of matrix stuff. After about a year, I revamped the design and sometime in 2000, I launched the Blue on Black look. The new logo featured Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity. I continued to deliever news on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.

The second logo:

That new logo underwent a little bit of editing and for this, I have found a screenshot of the old style. This was the more recent design and was changed to the current look as of May 3, 2001.

And now I deliver news as it becomes available, mostly Monday-Friday, and on a rare occasion, Saturday or Sunday! Not to mention a steadily growing community in the forums! Stick around for a while.. We’re always growing.