3-Minute Revolutions Trailer with Terminator 3 in the UK?

A new three-minute trailer for The Matrix Revolutions has been showing in some theaters in the UK. If anybody can confirm this, please write in.

Updates: Apathy in the forums, sent me this:
Hi Specter

Regarding the Revolutions trailer in the UK, I just saw one attached to T3. It was quite long and similar to the Enter the Matrix trailer, though I’m sure there were some extra bits too.

Here’s a slightly better version of what happened in it. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but this is from memory.

It starts off with the Neo/Agent Smith face off in the rain. The Oracle provides a sombre voice over as they run to each other in slow motion. Then they meet and hit each other and then you get some fast cuts of other scenes.

It’s basically an extended and re-cut version of the teaser that was at the end of Enter the Matrix, though it’s longer. There’s the Agent Smith laughing, of course, and there’s a lot more Seraph including a scene of him fighting hand to hand.

The bit that stands out in my mind the most is seeing one of the huge Zion mecha suits of armour walk past the screen. There’s quite a few quick cuts of the battle for Zion.

Suffice to say, it looked amazing and I can’t wait to see the final film!


I’m just writing to confirm that there definitely is a new Revolutions trailer in UK cinemas. I went to see Terminator3 last night (Friday night), and it was shown there. Its about 2 minutes long, I think. It is very similar to the trailer shown at the end of Reloaded. Here are a few things I noticed.


-There is a shot of someone pointing a gun at the Merovingian.
-Some amazing shots of the machine army.
-More shots of the Zion army’s mechs.
-I think there is more of the fight when Trinity is spinning about on the ceiling.
-In club hell you see a part when Morpheus, Trinity and Seraph are holding guns at people’s heads, and the people they are fighting are doing the same to them.