Updates from the Redeye!

Bordough originally posted this:
From the depths of the Matrixfans forums comes answers from the man himself….Mr. Spencer Lamm, aka Redeye of the MFN forums, and editor of pretty much every Matrix-related book including the upcoming volume of The Matrix Comics!

-In response to my own and Thanatos’s question regarding the release of the preview art of Kaare Andrew’s story (as stated on both www.thematrix.com and www.burlymanentertainment.com)…

…Spencer replied, “Look for new never before seen art from Volume two on Monday. Unless Agents get us all!

-In reponse to xBrandxBlandx’s question regarding the release of Doc Frankenstein, co-written and illustrated by Steve Skroce…

…Spencer answered, “What’s Doc Frankenstein?

How about: very soon! We’re flying in for the press check midweek! And then, off to stores!

I can’t wait to fill my nostrils with the intoxicating complexities of printers ink!

Last minute update: an introduction by Larry and Andy Wachowski!”