Matrix 2 (and 3) Script Review?

If this next scooper is being truthful with us, we’ve just received our biggest scoop to date about what we’re gonna see in The Matrix 2. Since there is no way to confirm the story points the scooper describes to us, we’re issuing a possible medium SPOILER warning with this scoop. Again, however, you should treat this scoop as nothing more than fan fiction…although there’s one thing contained in the scoop that seems to mesh with a fact we’ve heard about the storyline for Matrix 2. But is the rest of what they have to say truth or lies? Additional commentary from our side comes after the scoop:


I spoke to someone who read the script to Matrix 2, and they had a lot to say.


Agent Jones is the new agent.

The cliffhanger:

Trinity is kidnapped/taken hostage.


There is a ‘chase scene’ ten pages in. The reader didn’t feel too strongly about it, but said it might come off much better on film.

The coolest action scene is an aerial battle between Neo and the agents, flying through the city, pretty much trashing the place in AKIRA style pyrotechnics on a citywide scale.

The main focus of Matrix 2 is to ‘pull the wool from their eyes’ as alluded at the end of the first film, and the thrust leading up to Matrix 3 is a war on two fronts against the machines.

The heroes use the larger than life displays to convince the unawares in the Matrix that something is not right in the world.

Lesse. What else was there. Oh yes. Zion is a city of lights under the water. A hovering/ship/submarine thing that moves around through the underground.

There are several factions within Zion, and none of them seem to get along. This concerns ‘the one’ and how they’ll go about freeing the enslaved humanity.

Overall, the reader liked it, but wasn’t a huge fan of the first film. He said he wanted more humor from the first, and this film was both darker and did a better job pulling him in. But all said and done, it was very similar to the first film, with less in the way of martial arts, and more in the style of Superman 2 superhero battles.

Make of it what you will.

[Name withheld.]

Now, what we know for certain is that Hugo Weaving is definitely coming back in Matrix 2. What hasn’t been confirmed is if he’s playing Agent Smith again or if he’s playing a new part in the sequel, whether it be another A.I. program or a human character. There was an Agent Jones in the first film; although he was never mentioned by name, this was the name of one of the other two A.I.s that worked with Agent Smith in The Matrix. The character was played by Robert Taylor, but so far there’s been no mention if he’s returning or not — or if the scooper’s source was telling the truth, whether the Wachowskis would re-cast the part. A third option is that it’s simply a different Agent Jones than the one seen in the first film.

Now comes the hard part: to determine if this is an authentic preview of what to expect in Matrix 2 or it’s not. We’re going to go hunting and see if we can’t find out, and we welcome any assistance you wish to provide us.

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