Keanu knows about Matrix 2 and 3 plans?

It looks that way. Speaking to Empire Online on the set of his latest movie, The Replacements (an American football, comedy extravaganza), Keanu Reeves confirmed that he is to reprise his role as Thomas ‘Neo’ Anderson for The Matrix 2 and 3. ‘I just loved the ambition and creativity of the original,’ he said. ‘So when I was asked if I wanted to do the sequels there was only one answer.’

Shooting on the two follow-ups – which are to be filmed back-to-back in England – is scheduled for later this year, and it seems to be a prospect that thoroughly appeals to the Speed icon. ‘I can’t wait!’, he enthused.’When I saw what they [the Wachowski brothers] had planned for the rest of the trilogy, I just knew it was going to become something great.’