Fans Angry That The Matrix Reloaded Looks Like Another Matrix Rip-off

By Paul Martin February 12th, 2003, in The Matrix Reloaded

This is a hilarious article from BBspot (THIS IS A PARODY):

Since the premiere of the futuristic Sci-Fi thriller The Matrix, fans have been lamenting the overabundance of movies which clearly rip-off its ground breaking style and effects. The recent trailer for The Matrix Reloadedhas fans outraged at how blatantly it has stolen from the original.

“This movie is such a Matrix rip-off. The black clothes, the guns, hell they even got Keanu Reeves to star in it. What the hell is up with that?” said angry fan, Tabatha Paro. “You’d think the creators of The Matrix would sue these guys into oblivion and get the movie banned before it premieres.”

“I say if you want to see The Matrix then watch The Matrix, not some half-baked retread,” continued Tabatha. “Try to come up with something original for once. It seems like we have one of these movies every six months.”

Film critcs agree. Jay Valiente of the St. Louis Times-Post said, “This looks very similar to The Matrix. Same actors, similar effects. It’s almost looks like a re-make of the original film, and I think it’s too soon for that.”

Kellen Fuqua who saw the first film 174 times said, “Haven’t we seen enough of this? I mean The One, Charlie’s Angels, Scary Movie 2, haven’t they all ripped-off The Matrix to one extent or another? This one takes the cake.”

Producers of The Matrix Reloaded don’t deny the similarities to the 1999 hit, but claim they have a good reason: box office. “Studies have shown that rotating the camera while a fighter is airborne increases the box office by 1.3%. You can call it a Matrix rip-off, but we prefer to call it a reimagining.”

Brad Jerabek, who was picketing outside the Warner Brothers studio calling for a boycott of the new film, said, “I saw three seconds of the trailer and I screamed ‘Matrix rip-off!’ They should call it I Know What You Did Last Summer – You Ripped Off The Matrix! I’m not going to sit idly by while Hollywood rips off my favorite movie once more. If they want to do The Matrix 2 that’s fine, but The Matrix Reloaded? No way.”

Keanu Reeves has received lots of hate mail from his fans, complaining that he’s taking part in a Matrix rip-off. Reeves commented, “Whoa.”

Warner Brothers still plans to release the film May 15th despite the protests.

Source: BBspot


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