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New Trailer Reveals More Story Details for Jupiter Ascending

By Konman72 March 27th, 2014, in Jupiter Ascending, The Wachowski Brothers

In the newest trailer for the Wachowski’s latest film, “Jupiter Ascending“, we get a good look at more of the universe and learn a lot about the story. Seeing more of the visual effects work involved in this film has … Continue reading

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This Matrix Fan Film Could Fit Right In With The Movies

By Konman72 March 5th, 2014, in Fan Films, Matrix Fans

Titled “Trickster”, this Matrix fan film was created by Felix Joleanes as a visual effects and film making test. Felix had created a 3D model of a sentinel and his friend suggested using it to create a short film. Felix … Continue reading

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The New Matrix Trilogy

Rumor: Wachowski’s preparing New Matrix Trilogy for Warner Brothers

By Paul Martin February 28th, 2014, in New Matrix Sequels?

It’s been rumored time and time again, that there would be a new set of Matrix movies. From possible sequels, to total reboots, we’ve heard it all. But now, there’s a chance that it may actually happen. The website, Latino … Continue reading


Don Davis

Don Davis signing event – Saturday March 1

By Paul Martin February 28th, 2014, in The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions

To celebrate La-La Land Records’ expanded release of The Matrix Revolutions score, Creature Features is excited to host The Matrix composer Don Davis for a special CD signing event. Davis outdid himself with each successive entry in the epochal sci-fi trilogy, and this new … Continue reading

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The Matrix Live

The Matrix Live heads to Germany in May

By Paul Martin February 25th, 2014, in The Matrix Live - Film in Concert

“MATRIX Live. Film in Concert “brings the top, four Oscars cult film with Keanu Reeves in the lead role in the concert hall. The unique film live concert combines the visionary science fiction images with the sound of a large symphony orchestra. The … Continue reading

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Matrix Revolutions Soundtrack

The Matrix Revolutions Limited Edition Soundtrack Releasing at 3pm EST Today

By Konman72 February 25th, 2014, in Miscellaneous

In an email to subscribers La La Land Records announced that at 12pm PST and 3pm EST they will be releasing The Matrix Revolutions: Limited Edition soundtrack which will be available for $29.98. This is a 2 CD set and … Continue reading

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Sense8 Could Go for Five to Six Seasons

By Konman72 February 5th, 2014, in Miscellaneous, Uncategorized

In an interview with Zap2it J. Michael Staczynski, who is collaborating with the Wachowskis to create the Netflix show “Sense8″, gave up a good amount of details about the show. While there were many interesting bits of information, the most … Continue reading

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Laurence Fishburne Super Bowl Ad, Kia, Matrix

Kia brings Morpheus to the Super Bowl

By Paul Martin January 30th, 2014, in Parodies, The Matrix Cast, The Matrix Trilogy

Kia has released a pair of videos featuring Laurence Fishburne reprising his role as Morpheus from the Matrix Trilogy.  They have an ad that will play during the third quarter of the Super Bowl.  But that’s not the only video … Continue reading



‘Sense 8′ Details Released

By Konman72 January 8th, 2014, in The Wachowski Brothers

It is finally 2014, the year of the Wachowskis as I will henceforth refer to it. And the year is starting off with some fresh details on the Wachowski’s Netflix produced series “Sense 8″. We already knew the general premise … Continue reading

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First Official Image From ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Released

By Konman72 January 7th, 2014, in Jupiter Ascending, The Wachowski Brothers

Despite already having a trailer to watch, it is always nice to see some hi-res images from films before their release. We now have the first official image from the Wachowski’s latest film “Jupiter Ascending” and it is a good … Continue reading

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