Who is developing The Matrix Online?
The Wachowski brothers and the award-winning independent developer Monolith Productions are creating The Matrix Online.

What is a MMORPG?
MMORPG is an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. These are games that are played by thousands of players simultaneously to create a virtual online environment. The Matrix Online MMORPG takes place within the hyper-kinetic virtual reality world of the Matrix.

When is The Matrix Online shipping?
The Matrix Online will debut on January 18, 2005.

Where does The Matrix Online take place?
The Matrix Online takes place within the Matrix. No “real world” game play will take place. Characters in The Matrix Online will be logged into the Matrix and aboard a hovercraft at broadcast depth.

Can I be The One?
Maybe you should ask the Oracle that question.

When does the game take place?
The Matrix Online takes place after The Matrix Revolutions, the third Matrix movie. A truce has been declared. Humans and Machines are now at an uneasy peace. In the ongoing story of the game, you can play a significant part in the future of the Matrix.

Will there be BULLET TIME in The Matrix Online?
Yes. BULLET TIME, slow motion gameplay, is an essential part of The Matrix Online experience.

Are martial arts in the game?
There are several martial arts styles attainable within The Matrix Online. It wouldn’t be The Matrix without the wire fu combat. The Matrix Online will feature cutting-edge martial arts experiences, including bare-knuckle fighting as well as combat with firearms.

What platform is The Matrix Online being developed for?
Currently The Matrix Online is being developed as a PC-only product. What are the minimum requirements for The Matrix Online?
We have not yet determined the minimum specs for The Matrix Online.

Will The Matrix Online require a broadband connection?
No, The Matrix Online will be playable on 56K modems.

How is AIM used in MxO?
You will be able to use AOL Instant Messenger within the Matrix Online game, and also to instant message to AIM users who are not playing the game. In the Matrix Online, AIM messages will have a different look than other messages.

Will there be a subscription fee for The Matrix Online?
Yes. Once you register your copy of The Matrix Online, a monthly subscription fee will be charged for the service. Pricing plans will be announced at a later date.

What can I do in The Matrix Online?
Imagine yourself as Niobe, captured by agents and now desperately trying to escape. Imagine yourself as Switch, tapping into the data drops that tie into the core of the Matrix. Imagine yourself as Trinity, downloading a new ability and instantly being able to use a new weapon. Imagine yourself as Neo, executing unbelievable leaps and punches in a wild flurry of combat. Imagine the excitement and intensity of the Matrix, and yourself as a character within it.

What kind of character can I play?
You’ll develop your unique character with weapons, abilities, and accessories. The Matrix Online will have a wide array of abilities, which are treated as software that can be added or removed from your character and traded with other players. Some of the abilities you’ll be able to use are different styles of martial arts (karate, aikido, etc), hacking a computer, hyper-jump (spectacular leaps between buildings, as you’ve seen in the Matrix movies), and much more.

Is the game only for players to play against other players (PvP)?
The Matrix Online includes PvP, for players who choose to play against other players, but there are plenty of computer-controlled characters in the missions to fight against as well. Player-vs.-player is a particularly intense style of gameplay. However, unlike some games, you needn’t play PVP exclusively. You can choose to alternate between fighting other players or taking missions against non-player characters.

What kind of missions will there be?
You’ll be able to play in solo and group missions, and as your skills and experience grow, you can join or lead a Hovercraft Crew. As you grow in skills and reputation, you’ll be able to form your own political faction as well.

What will combat be like?
Combat will be intense and spectacular, with over 300 animations for each martial art and weapons style.

What is Interlock?
Interlock is our unique system that creates a cinematic combat experience while countering the effects of lagtime. Interlock will be explained in more detail in a future article.

What kind of weapons can I use?
Pistol, rifle, and submachine gun are available in the initial launch of Matrix Online. More weapons will probably be added in later game expansions.

Is there armor in The Matrix Online?
Characters do not wear traditional protection such as Kevlar vests or helmets. Instead, there are abilities that mentally condition your character to resist damage. Some programs can also provide additional protection and may also be hidden within the code of the Matrix… in clothing, for instance.

What can I do other than combat?
There are many non-combat abilities that are essential to the missions you’ll undertake in the Matrix, such as stealthily sneaking into an enemy region or using your Hacker abilities to bypass automated defenses. You can also have the ability to create objects within the Matrix, which you can give or trade to your teammates. You’ll also be able to socialize with your fellow operatives, using email and a sophisticated chat system with emotes.

Can you craft items in MxO?
Writing Code is an activity that players can perform in the Matrix and it is similar to crafting in other MMP games. Everything in the Matrix is Code: weapons, clothing, and even abilities. So characters who can write code, given the required resources and ability levels, can create nearly any item or ability in the game.

Are there agents in the game?
As in the Matrix movies, agents are a deadly threat in The Matrix Online. If you wander into the wrong area, any pedestrian could transform into an agent with little warning. And to quote Morpheus, “Every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an agent… has died.”

What will the social world of The Matrix Online be like?
The Matrix, in the timeframe of the online game, is a virtual world in state of change. You may have to choose between conflicting sides in a faction war. Who can you trust? Who might betray you? The Matrix Online is a game that can be played on many levels, from pure combat to sophisticated political maneuvering and control.

How many people can play?
Thousands of people can play simultaneously in one of The Matrix Online virtual worlds.

Will I be able to play if I live outside of North America?
The Matrix Online will be an international game, with dedicated servers for players living in different regions around the world (including North America and other regions to be announced later). The timeframe for worldwide release is not yet set.

What languages will be supported?
The initial international release of the game will support English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. You will also be able to receive support in these languages.

Are there plans for an expansion?
The Matrix Online will have regular updates, with new story, missions, and art content. There will be scheduled larger expansions as well, which will include new weapons and abilities.

But I’ve never played a massively multiplayer game before!
The Matrix Online is designed for experienced players as well as players who’ve never tried an online game before. Even the completely inexperienced player will quickly become a skilled Matrix operative.

Can I be Neo?
New players start the game as characters just escaped from the Matrix. However, you will likely encounter some of the famous characters from the movie trilogy.

Can I eventually fly like Neo?
The power of flight was a spectacular and unique ability of The One. But you will be able to “hyperjump” like Trinity and Morpheus, from roof tops to roof tops.

How do I win in The Matrix Online?
MMORPGs are unique in that there’s rarely a “winner” or even “an end” to the game. Your personal success will be measured by your character’s growing skills and abilities, and by your actions, you’ll contribute to the ongoing story and virtual reality that is The Matrix Online.

What are Ability Trees?
An Ability Tree is a group of abilities, in which you start with basic abilities that become prerequisites for more powerful, complex abilities.

Can we drive vehicles in MxO?
The launch version of MxO will not have player-drivable vehicles, but will have other methods for rapidly traveling across the game world.

What happens when you die in MxO?
Characters that are defeated in the Matrix must either be restored by another player, or leave the Matrix and return to the Loading Area. Characters may re-enter the Matrix immediately, but the shock and trauma of the near death experience reduces their overall effectiveness for a short period of time.

This penalty goes away with time, even if the player is logged off.

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