This is an interview done on the Warner Brothers website.

ILoveNatPortman: Can you give any information on the sequels, or even confirm their existence?

WachowskiBros: Yes, we are working on them right now. Well, we would be working on them right now except we have to be here in the chat room right now, LOL.

blindrocket: Do you practice Martial Arts?

WachowskiBros: No, we do not, but we watch a lot of Kung Fu movies.

AgentMartin: Why didn’t you both do the commentry on the DVD, time restraints?

WachowskiBros: That’s a two part answer. Part one is that we believe that film is a collaborative media, that’s why we never take a film by credit. We think the other artists who help create a film are important and interesting, and for people who want to understand the process of filmmaking. And the second part is, that we were too tired.

Hiryu: Which Anime inspired you the most and why?

WachowskiBros: We liked Ghost in the Shell and the Ninja Scroll and Akira. in anime, one thing that they do that we tried to bring to our film was a juxtaposition of time and space in action beats.

AgentMartin: Is there anything in The Matrix which you weren’t too happy with, wished you could have done differently?

WachowskiBros: That would require the rest of the chat to answer! But, we’ll answer that in general we’re fairly happy with the way it turned out.

blindrocket: Would you consider yourselves computer nerds?

WachowskiBros: You got the second part right, just nerds! LOL.

AgentMartin: Were you excited about DVD as a medium for your movies to go to the homes of the masses?

WachowskiBros: As a technology, DVD is exciting medium. But like all technologies, it still needs to be developed by the users of the technology.

Enigma: What is the role or faith in the movie? Faith in oneself first and foremost – or in something else?

WachowskiBros: Hmmmm….. that is a tough question! Faith in one’s self, how’s that for an answer?

Peter: Will the be a directors cut of the matrix with any deleted scenes or out takes?

WachowskiBros: Nope, nope!Because we were pretty happy with the way it turned out.

AgentMartin: The two of you seemed to have a great relationship together for the making of this movie. Have you always been very close?

WachowskiBros: We just met actually. Tonight!

Sentinel: What comic books inspired the look of the Matrix?

WachowskiBros: The largest influence from the comic book world on the actual design would be the art of Geof Darrow.

Revenge: What did the humans do to scortch the sky??

WachowskiBros: We’ll answer that question later.

larrikin: How long did it take to film in Sydney? was the entire movie shot in Sydney?

WachowskiBros: 118 days, and yes.
[On the screen, Neo is climbing out the window following Morpheus’s `orders’…] Actually, this is Keanu Reeves actually getting out onto an actual ledge, without a stuntman. He does this entire scene without a stuntman, and it’s 34 floors up..

hokeyboy: Were the filmmakers influenced by Alex Proyas’s similarly themed “Dark City”?

WachowskiBros: No, but we thought it was very strange that Australia came to have three films associated with it that with it that were all about the nature of reality. Dark City, The Truman Show and The Matrix..

Enjoythesilence: How would you say Bound and the Matrix are similar?

WachowskiBros: Both films examine the idea of an individual searching for their true selfwhile attempting to escape the box that we often make of our lives.

calla: What do the time 9:18 and the date 9/18 signify? Is this a personal reference?

WachowskiBros: That’s my wife’s birthday.

Inge: How long did the lobby scene take to shoot?

WachowskiBros: It took 112 days to shoot the lobby scene… It took 12 days, not 112!.

dm8: do we set the video to 16×9 or 4×3?
Akira702: you guys are cool. do you know that you are cool?
cecilc: Have you seen any of the fan sites that out there regarding The Matrix? And are there any out there that you think particularly represent the film really well?

Inge: Which scene are you guys most happy with? Favorite? For me it. Neo on his way to Morpheus the first time.

WachowskiBros: If you’re talking about the pill scene, that’s our favorite too.

Sealouse: Why was it filmed in Australia?

WachowskiBros: Costs.

calla: There are quite a few hidden messages in the movie that I notice the more I watch it. Can you tell me about how many there are?

WachowskiBros: There are more than you’ll ever know.

Inge: Did you guys take a nice holiday after the film had open? You deserve it!

WachowskiBros: Thank you very much! And we did.

Sentinel: What do you think of the fans of the Matrix??

WachowskiBros: We love them.

ToiletCommando: Are you prepared to become legends?

WachowskiBros: Legends of what?

MadMatt: You guys BIG Jackie Chan fans??

WachowskiBros: Yes, we love a lot of Hong Kong cinema. Jackie Chan in Drunken Master II is fantastic..

Specter’s question, asked by TheTrinityACMXCL: What about the animals in the Matrix? Are they real animals or just computer-generated images?

WachowskiBros: Sadly, they are all computer generated images.

ToiletCommando: Is it true that you got some of your ideas from the Vertigo comic The Invisibles?

WachowskiBros: We do enjoy that comic, but no.

ThedrickFel: What exacty was the mirror made of? Was it the same stuff they injected into morpheus? Why silver?

WachowskiBros: The mirror is actually a mirror. When Neo sees it it’s a hallucination, but it’s the direct result of the pill Morpheus has given Neo. Reflections in general are a significant theme in the film. The ideas of worlds within worlds..

AgentMartin: Are you suprised by the amount of internet life that The Matrix has spawned, fan sites etc?

WachowskiBros: Surprised? Yes, very, surprised. We are very, completely stupefied by the fan response to the film.

[On the screen, Morpheus offers Neo the choice of the two pills…] WachowskiBros: The idea of the reflection, the two Neo’s in Morpheus glasses, is that that represents the two lives that Neo is leading. In the left lens, we see the blue pill and Thomas Anderson, and in the right lens, we see the red pill and Neo..

Jose: What kind of drug does the red pill contain?

WachowskiBros: It’s like a computer virus that’s meant to disrupt Neo’s life signal so that they can pinpoint where Neo’s body is in the power plant..

Renxo: Which is your favourite flick?

WachowskiBros: Too many to answer.

unholyTrinity: When did you think about making this movie for the very first time? Was there a kind of special inspiration given by any event, occasion or something like that??

WachowskiBros: It all happened very rapidly. We were working on another comic book, and a friend asked us if we had any ideas for a new series. And we said no, and then we just started talking about a couple of ideas that we had been working on in connection to cyberpunk fiction. And, a whole idea sort of exploded, over a period of about three days..

[Before they actually responded above, the pod scene was playing on the screen so they commented…] WachowskiBros: We’re pretty happy with the way this scene turned out. Keanu did some amazing work in this scene which included 6 hours every morning of prosthetic makeup. And he had to sit in a freezing cold vat of goo for another six hours..

Renxo: Where were you born?

WachowskiBros: Chicago.

Neo479: What are some of your favorite films from Honk Kong?

WachowskiBros: I was very happy with the Don Davis score in this scene, that included his use of a boy soprano, which I thought was very eerie. Don had a great idea, to use human voices choir in scenes like the power plant and scenes on the Neb to sort of suggest the plight of humanity..

Doc: So, WAS the Japanese animation Megazone 23 an inspiration for the Matrix? The stories seem very similar.?

WachowskiBros: I’ve never seen it. But send us a copy, it sounds good..

theman: How did you guys come up with the idea for the matrix? Playing video games? Shock therapy?

WachowskiBros: No, designer drugs.

Starr22: Are all the religious symbolism and doctrine throughout this movie intentional, or not?

WachowskiBros: Most of it is intentional.

[On the screen, Neo is about to be plugged in for the first time ever…] WachowskiBros: One of the things we tried to do with the Neb for when we were shooting “in the real world” was use long lenses to separate the humans from the backgrounds as opposed to when we shot the Matrix we used short lenses to place the humans in specific deep spaces. We also tinted all of the lights blue in the “real world” and green in the Matrix.

Renxo: Do you reflect your personality on NEO’s character? Were you/are you… hackers?

WachowskiBros: We’re probably not good enough to call ourselves hackers, like NEO..

[On the screen… Morpheus shows Neo the desert of the real…] WachowskiBros: There have been many questions about the history that Morpheus suggests in this scene,and we have written the history in a fair amount of detail, and we often have hoped that if we did an anime series, we would tell the story of this history and the story of the first One. Somebody asked us about the liquification of humans, that’s what they feed the people in the pods, the dead people are liquified and fed to the living people in the pods. Always recycle! It’s a statement on recycling..

White_Beezatch: Will there ever be a Matrix video game?

WachowskiBros: Hopefully yes. If things work out the way we want them to, the video game will be released when the next movie comes out, and it will actually have something to do with the movie.

DrBasher: Who came up with the wardrobe, because Trinity’s outfits rocked? So did Morpheus and Neo’s. Was it part of the original script?

WachowskiBros: We described her as a woman in black leather in the script. But, mainly the costumes were designed by Kym Barrett..

Chandler: Since you have worked with the same composer and cinematographer (the great Bill Pope) did you find that it was easier to think ahead about a visual or musical style for the film?

WachowskiBros: Did Bill Pope ask this question? No, but it’s easier to execute them. You develop a shorthand language with people you’ve worked with before. You tell Bill, we need a B move, and he knows what to do..

pomru: My friends and I are wondering what anime you showed the producers to get this movie greenlighted?

WachowskiBros: If only it had been that easy. We had to draw the entire movie and Keanu Reeves had to agree to do the movie before anybody green-lit it.

DrBasher: Also, the special effects rocked, was the script conceived knowing the special effects were available, or were the special effects conceived to make the script possible?

WachowskiBros: Some of the special effects had to be invented, mainly Bullet Time.

yellerdog: What are the odds of the Wachowski’s directing a “straight up” live action adaptation of an anime?

WachowskiBros: I thought we did.

DrBasher: How long did it take to come up with the script, because it’s great?

WachowskiBros: We wrote the script before we had even directed Bound. And had been working on it up until the time of production.

TGee: When did you first think you would have such a huge hit on your hands?

WachowskiBros: It kind of was like a giant art house hit, in that it just kept going and going and people kept talking about it, and there was never a moment where people were like “it’s huge”. People liked it, and it just kept going.

[On the screen, Morpheus is fighting Neo…] WachowskiBros: This scene took fifteen days to shoot, and about four months of training…This is all Keanu, this is Keanu running up the pillar and doing the full airborne 360.

ToiletCommando: Are you going to do any projects besides the Matrix?

WachowskiBros: Maybe. If we’re still alive.

ToiletCommando: Is it hard to work as brothers? Don’t you disagree on everything?

WachowskiBros: Mom flies down to the set everyday to settle every one of our arguments.

BigMac: Rumor has it that Cypher is not dead….is this true?

WachowskiBros: If you ask Joey Pants, it is. Joey Pants started that rumor..

garrett: Isn’t it rather ironic that Morpheus and his crew are completely dependent upon technology and computers, the very evils against which they are fighting?

WachowskiBros: Yes!

[On the screen, Morpheus’ jump makes Neo go `Whoa’…] WachowskiBros: That shot, where Morpheus jumps up out of frame, we called “The Worst Camera Operator Shot in the World”.

ooo: What is the Matrix?

WachowskiBros: About 2 hours and fifteen minutes long…Those doors are actually made out of wood.

spark: What made you decide on the green tint for being in the Matrix?

WachowskiBros: It was a whole motif inspired by the phosphorous green of old PC’s.

[On the screen, Morpheus says, `Freeze it!’ in the Agent training program…] WachowskiBros: People don’t realize how important this scene is. Because we are all staring at the woman in the red dress! There’s actually twins and triplets that we hired in that scene. And all of the clothes are based on black and white costumes, like nuns, chefs, brides, sailors. We had the idea that Mouse just doubled people instead of making originals. But we couldn’t afford to do it digitally, so we ended up hiring as many doubles, or as many twins, as we could find in Sydney. It was kind of like a bad dream on the set.

grey: How did you get the money for “The Matrix”?

WachowskiBros: Begged. And the big-hearted Warner Brothers came through..

Stone: Would you like to direct Jackie Chan?

WachowskiBros: Sure!

Lyn: Have you guys been approached to direct Batman?

WachowskiBros: Yes, but we thought we’d be busy doing the sequels.

AgentMarr: The film’s cast was quite diverse and yet the issue of race was refreshingly not an issue on screen. How did you accomplish this?

WachowskiBros: We’re pretty happy with the way the sentinels turned out. The digital artist that John Gaeta found did some amazing work..

WachowskiBros: Cypher, at the beginning of this scene, is setting up an automated system to allow him to go meet with Agent Smith.
EZGuest316: Could you say a little about the sound design which was terrific such as the slomo bullet ripple effects, foley effects?

WachowskiBros: Jane Davis is a genius.. ..Dane Davis is a genius. He built all of these sound effects from all kinds of original sounds. He’d put bullets on strings and whirled them around his studio, he digitized raindrops against windowpanes to create the sound of the Matrix code..

[On the screen, Cypher is enjoying the fake steak…] WachowskiBros: By the way, this steak was one of the best steaks we had in Sydney. We got to eat all of the ones that Cypher didn’t finish.

JediKnight: Have you been approached with any sci-fi scripts and do you have plans to do any?

WachowskiBros: Right now, we’re focusing just on Matrix 2 and 3.

Freethinker: Just out of curiosity, do you guys hold to any religious beliefs?

WachowskiBros: Non-denominational.

[On the screen, the breakfast of champions…] WachowskiBros: Several of the cast members actually got sick eating this stuff during this scene..

Astral_Traveler: How did you choose the music?

WachowskiBros: For the most part, we chose the music ourselves. But we hired a consultant DJ in LA named Jason Bentley, a musical whiz kid, who had a lot of swell ideas..

JimmyEO971: Will Joe Pantoliano be the DeNiro to your Scorsese, the Divine to your John Waters?

WachowskiBros: There is a court order against Joe Pantoliano for coming within a hundred feet of us.

biggysmalls: How many bluescreen/greenscreen shots are in this movie?

WachowskiBros: That’s a good question. There’s 450 digital effect shots, but green screen? Probably about 125..

wrygrass: Did ideas from Buddhism influence you in making the film?

WachowskiBros: Yes.There’s something uniquely interesting about Buddhism and mathematics, particularly about quantum physics, and where they meet. That has fascinated us for a long time..

gdreams: Will you use Yuen Woo Ping again?

WachowskiBros: Hell yes!

gtbpitt: Do you think The Matrix will develop a cult following in the decades to come?

WachowskiBros: We hope it’s as big as the Night of the Lepus.

WachowskiBros: This is my wife about to be on the screen here. She comes in right there!…. This kid is great!

letmein: The phrase “paying taxes” comes up a few times. Why?

WachowskiBros: Because we usually couldn’t afford to pay ours. It is an examination of what is and is not certain.

Tank: I am a computer artist and I am very interested in knowing what type of computers and software you used to create the 3D effects?

WachowskiBros: A lot of the guys at Manex wrote their programs with Softimage. We think..

[On the screen… the Oracle] WachowskiBros: Awesome actress!

Wesbran: Is the title “The Matrix” related to the mitochondrial matrix located in cells; the site of cell respiration, the creation of energy in humans?

WachowskiBros: Like the movie itself, there is a lot of word play, a lot of hidden other meanings, a lot of multiple meanings. Besides that, we also like the definition, the mathematical definition of the use of matrix, or the use of it in terms of a woman’s womb.

DVDReporter383: Do you surf fan sites? Do you have the time?

WachowskiBros: We’ve looked at a few. There’s some cool ones out there.

virtualMatrix: What is the significance of Neo eating the Oracle’s cookie?

WachowskiBros: There was a piece cut out of the movie that explained the significance more. It’s hard to explain.

agunn3: Have you ever been told that the Matrix has Gnostic overtones?

WachowskiBros: Do you consider that to be a good thing? I would.

RockyMtnBri: Any chance of novels being written above and beyond the movie, like Star Wars?

WachowskiBros: Maybe.

Freethinker: The Matrix was very-well received by critics, as well. Did that surprise you/How much stock do you hold in critics?

WachowskiBros: There were some critics that really didn’t like it. Did it surprise us that some liked it? You don’t really hold much stock in critics, you tend to make movies for first, yourselves, and second, your audience. And the greatest thing about critics is that sometimes they can help find your audience.

AgentMarr: What was the thinking behind the use of numbers that can be read both ways like 303 on the hotel door where Neo meets his destiny?

WachowskiBros: Like the wordplay, there’s a lot of numbers play in the movie as well.

Mike: What were your fondest moments while filming The Matrix?

WachowskiBros: Finishing!

[On the screen… the escape from Lafayette Hotel…] WachowskiBros: This scene, this set right here, the wet wall, is something like forty-eight feet high, and they are actually really worming their way down with wires..

DVDReporter383: Do you surf the net? If so, where do you go?

WachowskiBros: We’re everywhere.

linusa: Do you believe that our world is in some way similar to “The Matrix”, that there is a larger world outside of this existence?

WachowskiBros: That is a larger question than you actually might think. We think the most important sort of fiction attempts to answer some of the big questions. One of the things that we had talked about when we first had the idea of The Matrix was an idea that I believe philosophy and religion and mathematics all try to answer. Which is, a reconciling between a natural world and another world that is perceived by our intellect.

WachowskiBros: That was a hard stunt.

godbox: Confronted with Neo’s choice, which would you choose?

WachowskiBros: Blue pill.

Fuchikoma: What response did you get from established film-makers upon the Matrix’s release? Any unexpected phonecalls etc?

Lincoln: What comment do you have to those who say that the Matrix will probably be recognised as the first C21st film?

WachowskiBros: Well, first we’d be grateful for the comment. Then we’d have to point out the clerical error that it’s in the 20th Century, and not the 21st until 2001..

wrygrass: Did you do camcorder films or other film practice that helped you direct?

WachowskiBros: No, nothing on video, but we did fiddle around with 16 mm film.

Revenge: What is the symbolism of all the analog rotery phones?

WachowskiBros: There’s a couple of meanings. We liked the analog nature of older technology. We liked the suggestion of old original phone hackers. It sort of suggested the big Rube Goldberg device that’s in the mirror scene.

Inge: What was it like seeing the movie with a audience for the first time?

WachowskiBros: Terrifying.

[On the screen… Morpheus & the agents …] WachowskiBros: That’s the largest translight ever constructed. (interesting fact) … That is actual mercury in the hypodermic needle, by the way. It was considered one of our most dangerous sets, because we had mercury, it had to be poured into the hypodermic needle.

Stone: Was the Alice in Wonderland theme just whim, or do you guys have a big love of it?

WachowskiBros: Big fan! It is a brilliant book. Many of the themes we tried to echo in The Matrix..

Orange_Crush: I noticed that The Matrix is currently #30 in the IMDB top 250.. that’s quite an achievement. How do you feel about being classified with other legendary films and filmmakers?

WachowskiBros: Lucky.

Wesbran: What happens to all the gadgets in this movie after it is done filming?

WachowskiBros: Most of them are so fragile they break as soon as you’re done filming. And Joel Silver collects the rest.

Sinclair: Why were they only able to jack in through hard-lines, but still able to communicate over cell?

WachowskiBros: Sinclair, good question! Mostly we felt that the amount of information that was being sent into the Matrix required a significant portal. Those portals, we felt, were better described with the hard lines rather than cell lines. We also felt that the rebels tried to be invisible when they hacked that’s why all the entrances and exits were sort of through decrepit and low traffic areas of the Matrix.

The12thMonkey: The guy that played the lead agent was worryingly convincing, did it take a long time to find him?

WachowskiBros: Yes, actually,and that was one of the fortuitous things about going to Sydney, is that it led us to find Hugo.

wrygrass: You said in an interview that string theory might show up in the film, did it?

WachowskiBros: Maybe in the next one, I have just now begun to understand string theory.

whatismyname: whats your favourite music?

WachowskiBros: We love all music.

ZEUS: How did you finaly choose the names of the characters?

WachowskiBros: They were all chosen carefully, and all of them have multiple meanings.

Qualopec: How hard was it to get the kind of budget you wanted for this film?

WachowskiBros: We had to go across the world to secure that budget.

wrygrass: Do you have any funny stories from filming you’d share?

WachowskiBros: That newspaper had to be actually a giant piece of metal with newspaper glued to metal pages. How’s that for funny?

Lincoln: What is your fave line in the movie?

WachowskiBros: Dodge this. And “there is no spoon.” We also liked that one.

Mahy: Do all of the things that happen in the Matrix have some computer-based analogy…or did you just do some of it because it was cool?

WachowskiBros: Yes. We like to try and pack as much stuff as we can in when we do a movie. So some of the stuff we do relates to the narrative, and some of the stuff we do because we like.

biggysmalls: Do you like the Planet of the Apes?

WachowskiBros: Yes, love it! “Get your damned dirty hands off, you stinkin ape!”.

Enigma: The character Neo: Is Neo his real self and Thomas Anderson who he is “required” to be?

WachowskiBros: Neo is Thomas Anderson’s potential self.

Job: Do you realize that your new ideas have changed the way people will see movies in the future?

WachowskiBros: Really?

[On the screen, the agents have fallen… “Get up, Morpheus…”] WachowskiBros: The idea of Bullet Time came about because we wanted to shoot an event at incredibly high speed which means slow motion, but move the camera at regular speed, which is impossible. The first theory for Bullet Time involved a rocket camera that was abandoned for safety purposes. Then, John Gaeta suggested a digital solution. Which brought it to the screen.

keanucarrie: Which scene was the hardest to shoot?

WachowskiBros: The subway fight scene. It was incredibly cold and everyone was very sick and it went ten days over schedule. And was particularly brutal to the two actors..

Dogma: Has there been any discusions with comic book companies to publish a monthly-type of comic based on the Matrix, not just an adaptation, perhaps with Darrow illustrating it?

WachowskiBros: We’re going to release another series of stories on the website. Geof Darrow is going to illustrate a couple more short stories written by Andy and I. And, we’ve toyed with the idea of continuing the story in comic book form when the movies are finished..

Trinity303: Do you like John Woo’s movies and style of shooting scenes of action?

WachowskiBros: John Woo was a genius. John Woo IS a genius..

tonka: what do you think about star wars?

WachowskiBros: It was one of the first films that we went berserk over when we were kids.

kr: How long had you been working on writing the story and was there re-writing going on while filming?

WachowskiBros: There was not much rewriting, a little bit. Somebody asked us about the street names in the movie and all of them are significant. They are all based on places in Chicago.

Santayana: I love the casting of this film. Specifically, Hugo Weaving. Why him?

WachowskiBros: We had seen the movie “Proof” and we flew Hugo into LA to meet and he did a phenomenal reading. And was willing to undergo the four months of training. He’s one of the finest actors we’ve ever worked with. .

Hiryu: Did you ever consider doing a cameo appearance in the movie?

WachowskiBros: We’re too ugly!

[On the screen…Neo faces off w/ Smith…] WachowskiBros: This shot here, the showdown shot, is an hommage to Sergio Leone.

joe: I am amazed by the physical performance the actors had great training. What do you think?

WachowskiBros: We’re amazed as well. We think all four of them went beyond our expectations.

Revenge: Any influence from Blade Runner?

WachowskiBros: Blade Runner was a benchmark science fiction film, a masterpiece. Of course there’s influence. But we were like the only guys who liked that movie when we saw it, everyone else hated it..

Freethinker: Did you know right away that it would be a trilogy?

WachowskiBros: We knew we had too much material for one movie.

inkman: Do you two feel that sci-fi is overlooked in the “Awards” arena?

WachowskiBros: We don’t put much credence in the “awards” arena..

[On the screen…Neo is fighting Smith…] WachowskiBros: There are some fantastic stunts in this sequence like THAT one! Both the Australian stunt team and the Hong Kong stunt team worked very well together in this scene.

AgentMartin: Do you appreciate people dissecting your movie? Do you find it a bit of an honour or does it annoy you a little, especially when the person may have it all wrong?

WachowskiBros: There’s not necessarily ever an “all wrong”. Because it’s about what a person gets out of the movie, what an individual gets out of the movie..

Vindicator: The whole idea of electronic stimuli of atrophied muscles is great. Did you guys consult any medical experts for accuracy?

WachowskiBros: As a matter of fact, one of our best friends is a doctor. He was the first guy to show us our first autopsy.

[On the screen… the market shootout…] WachowskiBros: Watermelons, that was an hommage to Gallagher. On the TV, when Neo goes by there’s an episode of “The Prisoner”.

Action: Am I really watching the movie right now, or am I in…The Matrix?

WachowskiBros: Take another blue pill and call me tomorrow.

rawdogg: Why did you never show Zion?

WachowskiBros: We’re saving it for Matrix 2.

Nebelis: What other projects did the camerman work on and where did you find him?

WachowskiBros: If you mean Bill Pope, he did our first movie “Bound” and the masterpiece “Army of Darkness”.

Pill: Do you plan to write any books about this?

WachowskiBros: There is a “Making Of’ book that’s coming out later this year.

virtualMatrix: Do you believe one day, intelligent machines with AI will actually rule the world?

WachowskiBros: Yes. If they don’t already!


WachowskiBros: The original concept was ours, but the technical execution was from a company called Manex.

AgentMartin: Many take the Make of the Neb, “Mark 3, V.11” and quote it from the bible “Mark 3:11”. Was this intended or is it just the make and model of the Neb and nothing more subliminal than that?

WachowskiBros: The Nebuchanezzer is indeed a biblical reference, from the book of Daniel.

linusa: Will you ever tell the history of the Matrix in a novel?

WachowskiBros: Maybe.

Renxo: Are you doing any personal presentations, anywhere?

WachowskiBros: No.

NIKKI: Who unplugged Morpheus and told him about the matrix?

WachowskiBros: We hope to tell that story in another medium one day.

Neotek: How much of an influence was William Gibson in the production and design of this movie?

WachowskiBros: We’re big fans of William Gibson’s work.

Ronin: Your movie has many and varied connections to mythos and philsophies, Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, Arthurian, and Platonic, just to name those I’ve noticed. How much of that was intentional?

WachowskiBros: All of it.

WachowskiBros: Sorry we could only get to 1 percent of your questions. We do appreciate all of your support. And we’ll see you in three years.

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