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Why do Neo and the others have to go to a phone to get out of the matrix? I mean, it adds action and stuff, but since it isn`t real, there should be no need for it…..

Here’s the best explaination why that I could come up with: The Matrix is a computer program, we use phones to connect to the internet and each other. Cable isn’t a good way because there is no communication tool like a phone. So they use the phone. They plug their MINDS into the Matrix, placing themselves directly inside. Using the phone is a way of disconnecting their minds. Virtual Reality in books and movies is the same way, you disconnect the mind while it’s still in the program, you slip into a coma or die, which was what happened to Apoc, Switch, etc.

Is it true that Ewan McGregor was going to play Neo?

Keanu Reeves’ future as Neo in the Matrix sequels is secure, but before the first movie was made many actors were under consideration for the role. Previously it had been reported by Mr. Showbiz that Will Smith turned the part down and that Brad Pitt was up for Neo, but Redpill Productions’ Spencer Lamm mentioned Friday at the San Diego Comic Con that Obi-Wan Kenobi himself, Ewan McGregor, was on the list of actors who the Wachowski Brothers thought of for the lead role in the eventual mega-hit. Also, Val Kilmer at one point was set to play Morpheus and many better known actresses, such as Jada Pinkett Smith (Matrix 2 and 3’s Niobi), were up for the part of Trinity, though Carrie-Anne Moss impressed the brothers so much that they lobbied for her. While those alternate possibilities sound interesting, were glad things turned out the way they did.

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Matrix 2 and 3

When will Matrix Revolutions be released?

Matrix Reloaded: Memorial Day 2003
Matrix Revolutions: November 2003

What happened to Tank?

Tank not in Matrix 2 and 3?: I received an e-mail stating this:
“Sad but true. Tank is not going to be in the Sequels at this time. Claims by Marcus Chong that Wachowksi brothers Eon productions and Joel silvers of Warner Bros paid the actor only $28,000 for the first film with an offer of $250,000 for both sequels. (Cypher got a reported $1,000,000 for Matrix and he wont be back in the sequels.) When Marcus or Tank revealed his documentary on the covert exploitation he has undergone some person at Warner insinuated some bodily harm might occur to the actor. Eon set him up then to be arrested. The D.A. dropped the charges but the pacific division of the LAPD did work hand in hand with Warner on the disturbance Marcus reportedly made. Something is fishy here because Tank is never advertised with any photos or mention. Seems they always have to ruin a good thing.”

Why did they film both Matrix 2 and 3 at the same time?

Spencer Lamm, a producer at the Wachowski Brothers’ Redpill Productions, spoke before an audience of Matrix fans at the San Diego Comic Con Friday. It wasn’t long into the discussion before the topic of sequels was broached by those in attendence, and Lamm kindly obliged the crowd by sharing a few nuggets of info including the reason why the Wachowski brothers have chosen to film the movies consecutively a la Back to the Future 2 & 3. “The reason they want to do it back-to-back is that they love serial fiction,” Lamm explained. “They love the idea of action drawing you on to [where] the stakes get raised. They’re also really conscious of a two-hour frame we all plug in to. We know when certain plot points have to happen in a film because of the genre conventions. They played with the genre conventions … in The Matrix and they now want to take that a little bit further and play with the whole structure of the story. You can’t do that in a two hour story but if you [release the sequels] together you can play with the structure and totally screw with the audience.” The next two movies are definately sequels and not prequels despite some fan confusion on that matter. Prequels remain a possibility in the future, but nothing firm there is set.

Clarifying his statement that the movies would be released together, Lamm said, “The plan is to release [the second movie] at the beginning of the Summer and [the third movie] at the end of the Summer. It’s going to be an Empire Strikes Back-type cliffhanger — maybe a little bit more amped because the whole thing is going to rest on the fact that when you see them both it will be a lot bigger bang.” It’s hard to say which Summer exactly it will be when the movies will arrive in theaters. When asked whether the Matrix sequels would be ready for 2001, Lamm said, “At this point it is just going in to pre-production. Just figure that [word like that] will be dribbling out in the next few months.”

Will the brothers write and direct again? Despite previous reports, it seems that the negotiations for that are still underway. “They’re jockeying to get all that down,” Lamm said. Additionally, a recent report from an Australian news source indicating that Keanu Reeves signed on to the Matrix sequels for a sum of money rivaling James Cameron’s take on Titanic was “false in its details, but in its broadstrokes it was probably accurate,” according to Lamm. However, the impression was given that it is almost certain that both Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will be back for the next two films. The hope is to use Fox Studios Australia once again for photography, though there’s no word whether filming would conflict with Star Wars: Episode Two. George Lucas will be using that popular Sydney production facility for his prequel sequel next year.

As far as plot info went, there was little rock solid detail to be had. However, Lamm discussed what he thought would likely show up in the films. Specifically, odds seem to be in favor of movigoers seeing the much talked about hidden human city in the next films. “I would be shocked if we don’t see Zion,” Lamm remaked. However, he suggested that we should be highly suspicious of early plot rumors out now, since the Wachowskis are still in negotations for the project with Warner Bros., and because of that, haven’t written the sequel scripts yet. One such rumor not to be trusted claims that Neo will face a man with matrix manipulating abilities similar to his (sort an the Anti-Christ figure to Neo’s messiah figure). On the villainous end of things, the bad men in black we saw in the first movie were only the tip of the iceberg. Of Hugo Weaving’s character, Lamm speculated, “You get the sense that you’ve killed him, but did you kill him? Meaning [he] is like [computer language] zeroes and ones, essentially. There’s [room] left to explore as to other agents [or] the same agents.”

Beyond the Trilogy

What about more after the trilogy, like they did with more Star Wars books?

The Matrix Online is the continuing story of The Matrix world.

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