by Paleshyson
They had lost four good people, a two-timing rat and the Neb was trashed. But they had found the “One.” Neo was proud of it but it he didn’t want to talk about. To Neo life had new meaning he was The One. He was it. Oh admit it you’re feelin pretty good cause your’re not alone any more. Most of all he had Trinity who had to be prettist, strongest, and most amazing person he had ever know or hoped to meet for that matter. Even more beautiful than Mouse’s “Lady in Red.” Mouse, one of the dead because of him. Survivors guilt, they all had it to diferent degrees, him and Tank had it the worst. Tank’s brother had died by the hand of the rat. They had all agreed they would never speak his name again he had betrayed them in the worst way possiable.In his and the rest of the crew’s opinion, he deserved a far worse death than he recieved, far worse.
At the current time Neo was working with a welder the try to repair the ship damaged hull.
“Now this is a hopeless case isn’t it?” he hissed in disgust throwing down the welder.
“Boy. Talking to yourself isn’t much better is it now?” inquired Tank from behind him.
“Better than having a long chat with St. Peter.”
“I hear you man. But I’ll tell you the next death will be.”
“Oh yeah?”
“That welder your using. Have you ever even used a machine other than a computer or a gun?”
“What a surprise.”
“Hey Neo! Get down here will ya? Morpheus want to have a talk with you.” called Trinity from below.
“Coming!!” he yelled.’
“What bout our lovly conversation?”Tank asked pretending to have hurt feelings.

He chose not to dignifie that remark with an answer. He quickly shot down the ladder and welcomed Trinity with a passionate kiss. They had talked of marriage there truly was no need for courtship between them it was unlike anything each other had expiereneced before. They both had so long cut each other of from any emotion. The only problem was the crew . Tank wanted a marriage in a program. “Think of it! A wedding gown for Trinity, a tux for Neo. It could be in a court yard in Hawaii. Think about it!” Morpheus had another idea about the wedding that it should be on the ship. They were going with Morpheus on this one.
“Maybe you two could stop lip locking, before the Matrix self destructs it’s self.”
“Talk to you later.” Neo whispered in Trinity’s ear.
“If you can catch me.”
“Man you two are acting like two teenagers who have the hots for each other. piped in another voice. Byte, one of the two new recruits. Byte herself was a teenager, a genius at that. It was not her hacker skills that got her her ticket out of the Matrix but that she was a varified genius who was a wiz at science. Her latest project was the EMP gun. Not as effective as the regular EMP but it could be used while a member of the crew was in the Matrix. She herself was tall with bright green eyes and currently she wore a piece of cloth around her head until her hair began to regrow. While she was part of a elite resistance she was still a vain teenager who cared way to much about her looks.
“Neo we haven’t had much of an opportunity to test the limits of ‘the One’ now have we?”
“Yeah we’ve just been picking up snotty teenagers.” Neo said directing this coment at Byte, who stuck her tongue out at him.
“Hey I’m no pimply faced teenager.” snapped Gizmo, the other new recruit. A grade A hacker, not as good as Neo but very good none the less. He was a few years younger than Neo. He was Oriential and only slightly taller than Byte.
“Well your’re as mature as a teenager.” Byte snapped. Aww they were pretty cute together. She was 17 and Gizmo was 20, even though they acted like mortal enemies but given time who knows? Well that was what Trinity thought at least.
“Gizmo can we go into a loading program with item set 67296.”
“Gotcha boss.”
Neo layed against the chair and felt the familiar sensation as he got “downloaded” as he called it, into a program. He was welcomed to pure whiteness except for Morpheus and a table with various objects on it.
“Neo, we know you have the ability to alter the Matrix. But the question is how much can you alter it? Can you turn a table into a automatic rifle? A bullet into a rose petal? What are your limits? Do you for that matter have any? So lets, play shall we?
“All questions no answers, eh boss?”
“Life rarely hands them to us?”
“Okay so what do you want me to do?”
“Change these objects into something, anything else. Not so hard is it now?”
“Yeah real simple.” Neo growled under his breath, no matter what he could do he had to have limits. He was sure of it.
“Don’t believe in limits Neo. When you give them up, you will survive.”
Allright he’d give it a try. He picked up the dollar bill that was laying on the table. He stared at Washington’s face. He smirked Buddy you thought your revolution was tough. Then he decided he wanted to look at Franklin’s face instead. He bent the program and twisted it. Amazingly a hundred dollar bill was in his hands.
“See told you about limits.” Morpheus chided Neo
“Yeah amazing isn’t it?”
“Lets now see exacty how much you can alter that dollar bill, excuse me hundred dollar bill.”
Alrighty he once again bent the bill and soon a knife lay in his hand.
“Well I guess we arn’t going to have to worry bout running out of the weapons in the Matrix anymore.” he said twirling the knife in his hand. They would still go in with them. They were thankful for Neo’s being the One, but they would not abuse his gift.
“I wish I could stick that in a Agents back.” hissed a soft voice behind him. He spun around to face the teenager. In a program or the Matrix it’s self she had dark brown hair that she added a red glaze to. It was pulled back currently in loose ponytail.”Of coarse you get that honor.” jealosy and pride filled her voice oddly enough.
“Why have you entered Byte? What’s wrong?” Morpheus asked in a no nonsense tone of voice.
“Always so pessimistic? That why I joined Morpheus, didn’t you know it was your optimism.”
“It was the lure of an easy life that got me.” Neo joked
“Naw it was a certain crew member”
All Neo could manage was a lopsided smile. That wasn’t the reason, it had been a gut feeling, the quest for answers that had done him in. But Trinity had changed his world also, in a way he had never expected. He made it a point to asked Trinity why she did it.
“Yeah we got a lock on another potential.”
“Actually we got two. Names are Teeky and Zekk. Fraternal twins, 28 years old. Live next to each other in San Francisco. Always did wanna see the Golden Gate Bridge. Zekk has a wife. Possiale potential but I don’t think so, they aren’t happily married. She has some addictions that have dulled her mind. Teeky is 5’4”, copper hair with gray eyes top ten percent in her college class. Zekk is 6”7, copper hair, brown eyes. They share a computer.”
“You heard the lady lets go for a trip into the Matrix.” Neo wanted in he was getting cabin fever and he wanted to get away from that welder.
“Yeah Trinity, Neo, and Byte.”
“Morpheus I was wondering where is the equipment to wake them up in San Francisco.” Neo asked even though he knew the answer already.
“Trinity will show you two.” Oh he was good.
Morpheus just vanished. Obviously they were going straight into the Matrix. Trinity apperaed in her usual outfit. Byte wore a leather jacket with a tight black shirt on underneath with ultra dark jeans with black shoes. Her hair was in the “bed head” look, surprisingly it worked on her.
Then they were in a dark room that hadn’t been updated since the 70’s. A giant smily face was painted on one wall and a peace sign on the other.
“Let’s get out of here.” Neo mumbled he really didn’t like this place. He was tempted to wipe that smiley face of the wall. The computer in the next room would give them access to Teepy and Zekk’s computer.
The lap top stood alone on the desk. Trinity booted the thing up.
“Okay? Who wants the honor of making contact with them first. Neo? Byte?”
“Count me out lady.” Byte snapped”That ain’t my job.”
It was true. Byte’s true gift was that she could predict the Matrix. Within a one minute period but it gave them an edge. Goodness knew they needed it. So while the others were stationary, she would meditate getting the future to watch out for future dangers that would jeopardize the team.
“I’ll do it.” Neo offered.
“Good I’ll help.” Trinity offered.
“Yeah well you two remember your mission. If I go in and I find you two making out. Besides getting sick, well I dunno what I’d do..” Byte reminded them.
Jennie sat at her computer, she was hacking into sites just to prove she could. She wasn’t stupid she knew that this was dangerous but she knew how to cover her tracks. She was one of the best there was. She felt sometimes like she was in a fish bowl being watched constantly. She hated it, the feeling that is.
[Hello Teeky] A phrase apeared as the screen went blank.
[Who are you?!What have you done to my computer] she typed back
[You are not ready and I did nothing to your computer] [READY FOR WHAT?!!] [To know who I am. But I know what you want. You and your brother, Zekk] [ What do I want? You seem like a know it all to me] The words that appeared on the screen shocked and amazed her.
[Out of the fishbowl] [Do I have you intrust? I do don’t I. Do you want out? It won’t be easy.] [What do I have to do?] [Live] [Who are you? What do you whant? Tell me please.] [Neo, thats all you need to know] [Goodbye Teeky] [Don’t go….] [I’ll be back.Goodbye Teeky. Stay brave. Stay alive. And you will leave the fishbowl. Tell no one. I’ll connect with you again or one of my friends will] Who was he? Was he related to the infamous Tech, who held the secrets of the fishbowl. He had the answers. Was this one of his people or where there others like Tech? Was Neo a leader himself? Too many questions. Was she in danger, Neo had said she had needed to stay alive. And what kind of trouble was she in? Frankly she didn’t care she wanted out no matter the cost. But later that night she didn’t sleep when you were beting their life on something. You don’t take a chance. And in the middle of the night she remember were she had the name Neo. A hacker, one of the best, he had broken every law ever made for the digital word. A name spoken with the same revrence amoung hackers as Trinity. Man and a little while ago he had just disappered, he had found a way out of the fish bowl, had he? She was in deep crap now, and her without her boots.
“We nailed her!!”Byte yelped as they returned to the Neb.”And! No Agents to boot!
“You are scary twisted lil kid you know that right? I mean did someone drop you on your head when you were little or what?”
“I can take the insults, cuz the first two are true. But I ain’t no little kid.” she snapped.
Neo roled his eyes, he didn’t want in on this arguement.”
“Ay! You to knock it off! You got home just in time for dinner.” Tank said with a used car salesmen grin.
“Uggg.” the two groaned in unision. At least they could agree on something. Not much but it was something they couldn’t fight about, well at least not yet. When that happened there was going to be no quite on this ship.
Neo leaned over and kissed Trinity. She responed back in the way she hoped she would.
“Jeez. Get a room will ya?” Gizmo joked. Frat boy.
“Ug let them eat alone. They keep up and I’ll loose my lunch.”
“Shut up Byte I’ll remember this this in the next training exercise.” Trinity warned easliy
“Crap, I’ve done it now.” Byte muttered and shuffeled out of the room. Neo almost felt sorry for her. As much as he loved Trinity, she was the toughest, probably most dangerous women he had ever known.
“Ha ha Byte!” gloated Gizmo. Trinity lifted one of her eyebrows as a warning and Giz seemed to pale and he shut up. Neo surpassed a laugh at the tough guy’s reation to the rising of an eyebrow.
Morpheus barged in with Tank at his heels.
“All of you we are going in now. We are taking Teeky now. There are suspicions aroused about our contacts with her. It must be now or never.”
“What? It’s to early.”
“It’s been done before and it’s turned out alright. We must or we loose her and we can’t afford that now.”
“Yeah I mean look at Neo. We took him quick and see how he turned out” Tank said slapping Neo on the back.
“Dude you are a wak job. You know that don’t you?” Byte giggled  from behind Tank.
Neo rolled his eyes. Byte was a real smart aleck. Yet somehow she remineded him of himself when he was young. A reject who took it in stride, not only that but reveled in being a loner. Though she laughed more and had been half way between a goth and a nerd. An odd kid.

Byte felt the familair sensation of being downloaded. And puff, it always seemed like a form of magic going into a world with no color and people who would have been called Goths or Squids at her school. Neo and Trinity were in their normal garb. Gizmo, the rolyal pain in the but. Wore baggy black pants that could fit in two more people. A black shirt with the words “DOWN WITH AUTHORITY!!” in white scrawled across it, which carried a certain amount irony with it. He used gel to spike his black hair straight up. And a Army jacket to top of the look.
“Byte, Gizmo, you two havent seen the Oracle yet have you?” Trinity asked as if suddenly remembering.
“Well there hasn’t exactly been alot of time. We just got the Neb moving again.”
“Hey, that lady can be deceptive. Don’t trust what she says to closely. Don’t under estemate her.” Neo mumbled
“Oh Neo shut up.” Trinity snapped. Boy those two were a great couple or what. Neo was a cool guy he had a strong sense of duty, enough defiance for two people, and he was really sarcastic.Trinity had a air or comannd, detrmination, but underneith she was a person of great passion(especially for Neo). Tank with his waked sense of humor and Morpheus’s dignity and drive. She didn’t like people much and respected them even less. But by some miracle she respected everyone on the Neb except for Gizmo of coarse.
“Gizmo,” she said casually”Don’t screw things up here will ya?”
“Ha ha, you’re real funny Byte. Next time I’ll remember to laugh.”
She laughed as she picked two guns up from the arsenal that had just appeared.  They were two every day hand guns, top of the line in the Matrix.  Two hand guns was standard equipment for entering the Matrix, unless you were on a do or die mission like Neo and Trinity had gone on to save Morpheus.
“Let’s go.” Neo comanded impatiently. Then the world altered and they were back in the city by the bay. “Got your wish Neo, now didn’t you.” They were near a phone booth. Byte could taste the salt in the air. She’d always wanted to come here. She’d never get to in the real world. The thought was really depressing but she didn’t care. It was the machines falt, they had ruined the human race and their world, and they would pay, she would make sure of it. Neo’s apperance was suppose to mean the end of the Matrix was coming, but when. If she thought of that she would go insane.
She cocked her head up to catch a sea breeze and inhaled, she really loved the ocean, did they even exist in the real world. She really hoped so.
Gizmo began to cough and wheeze like he had asthama or something.
“Whats up city boy?” she teased.
Neo smirked.”Country hic.”
“Naw Subirbia hic.” she correted
“How bout you guys shut up and we get to bussiness.” Trinity corrected.
“Yeah lets get going. I don’t feel like getting shot this time.” Neo said and entered a an apartment near by. Gizmo had volenteered to contact Teeky on the computer while her, Neo and Trinity met up with Teeky. Good plan but she hoped it wouldn’t get them killed. She personally felt she was to young to bite the dust.

Gizmo rubbed his hands together in anticipation as the computer booted up, this was his first time doing this and it was important, even more than normal for the Neb was still understaffed. Sometimes it seemed as though they shouldn’t even offer the blue pill, at least that’s the way Morpheus made it out to be. He knew times were desperate but he was forced to agree with Byte one onr thing if there was no fun inn your life, life wasn’t worth living.
The computer rang singnaling that it was ready. And he bgan the process of hacking into Teeky’s computer.
“Cake and pie.” he whispered to himself.(Piece of cake, easy as pie) Here was where the fun began.
[Hi Teeky, glad to hear from us again?] [You’re not Neo] [BINGO!! But I am a friend of his.] [Oh? Really?] Oh this lady was going to fit in fine and who knew? She might actually survive a while.
[Ask me anything about you conversation.] [What do I want?] [ Easy one. Out of the fishbowl, but we like to call it the Matrix] [Whoa…] [ Yeah how I felt too.] [ By the way, who are you?] [ Name’s Gizmo] [I’ve never heard of you.] [ Not suprising, but we got bigger problems right now. Do you really want out, cuz tonight is the night] [Yes I do] [Cool, Well in ten seconds you’ll here a knock at your door, go with them and I’ll see you soon.] He cut the connection quickly and hurried out of the room, he didn’t think he had been traced but he had learned to be catious. And he bagan making his way to the abandonded warehouse were Teeky was going to wake up.

[Cool, Well in ten seconds you’ll hear a knock at your door. go with them and I’ll see you soon.] Wow, this was really happening aand began the countdown in her hear. 1….2….3….4….5….6….7….8….9….10! Two haevy knocks hit her door and she sprang to her feet an pratually flew to open her door. Three people were standing there all in dark colors. One was a very hansome guy, tall and thin. The next was a lady with dark hair and was in shiny leather.  The final was a punk girl in a leather jacket and had a gun in her hand. What the …. What was a kid doing with a gun?! And she looked like she knew how to use it.
The guy stepped forward “We really don’t have much time. But an intoductiion would probably be nice. I’m Neo. That is Byte” The girl with the gun mock saluted.” last but no least is Trinity.” The lady in the leather nodded her head.
“The Trinity?! Oh man It’s a pleasure.”
“Save the pleasures for later.” Neo said he seemed nervous”Got anything Byte.”
“Quite as a mouse. Wait..” the girl suddendly swore.”We got a minute.”
Jennie watched helplessly as Neo strode over and smashed a window in with his elbow.
“Ladies first.” he motioned witha gesture.
“Why thank you.” Byte said and swung outside and jumped to the top of the next building which was thirty feet away! She did this without any apparent effort and the move was quickly duplicated by Trinity. Neo gestured for her to jump on his back.
“No way. I could die or get paralized.”
“Listen, if those guys find you it will be worse lots worse, so come on!” Neo command.”I’ll leave without you don’t think that I won’t.” That conviced her and she swung her arms around his shoulders and prayed.

Neo felt sorry for Teeky he knew what she was feeling, and he hated being that cold to her but it needed to be done. He swung outside the window but unlike Byte and Trinity he didn’t jump. He flew. He had only done it a few times but it was still amazing, hasn’t everyone dreamed about flying? Teeky was digging her nails into his shoulders. Which brought him back to reality. They landed safely on the roof of the building.
“Show off.” Byte grumbled as he landed. Neo smirked at her considering that she was constantly showing off.
“Stop smirking at me.”
He simply widened his grin.
“C’mon let’s go.” Trinity commanded. “That won’t fool the agents long.”
They ran like the hounds of ____ were after them. Which actually wasn’t such a bad metaphor Neo mused. Not at all. They reached the warehouse were the equipment was.That’s when Neo sensed them. Agents. The shot pierced the night air one came straight at his heart. And it seemed to freeze. Oh so they wanted to play did they? He hoped they were good losers.
He spead of toward them impossiably fast and all bullets amaimed at him froze and dropped. But in the distance he heard a yelp as they caught Gizmo in the back of the knee and the shots that rang out from Byte gun, she couldn’t hit them, but she managed to nick one, which was a great accomplishment. He took all this in in a second. In that second he was destracted long enough for a slug to find his left arm. He yelped louldy.
“NEO!!” Trinity’s yelled crossed the shoot out.
“GET GOING!!” he’d hold them off and take them down. He sped forward no other bullets hitting him.  Trinity was already in the building with Teeky and Byte was helping Gizmo in when a bullet nicked her right arm. But they made it in. Agent Brown was last original agent and the one who had shot his friends. Then Neo was there in the blink of an eye behind Agent Brown.
He grabbed the Agents arm and broke it.
“What the! Anderson!”
“MY NAME IS NEO!!” he yelled as he deleted the Agents RI. He had found he could deleted them quicker if he was close by.
He spun to face the other two Agents. The were Webb and Veitch. He cocked an eyebrow and smiled. They ran. He appeared as though by magic in frount of Wedd.
He deleted him before Webb could smirk and say.”Have your games now Anderson, becuase play times going to be over. New Player…..” What did THAT  mean, it wasn’t just some empty dying threat, trouble was coming… More trouble than they were already in.

“New Player what’s that suppose to mean!?” Gizmo snapped. He was in a bad mood Neo could see. Well getting shot could do that to a person. He himself was in a bad mood not only had this New Player player business and his arm hurt too. What happened to your RI happened to your physical body. Even if you healed your RI the damage to your real body still existed. That was the reason why he had scars on his chest where he had been shot.
“If I knew I would have done something about it by now.” he snapped it frustated him just as much..
“Not what, who.” Trinity said
“Yeah, thats it. A new Agent maybe?” Neo said.
Their conversation was broken by a groan from the next room. A Teeky struggled though the door. They had already explained her new reality to her she hadn’t taken it much better than he had.
“How are you feeling?” Trinity asked.
“Not very good.”
“The food.” Gizmo said with mock seriousness.
They all broke out in to laughter. Byte had once said ” When we stop laughing, we stop breathing. Laughing keeps us from thinking about things to hard, especially bad things.”
“No the food is a thing to cry about not laugh about.” Byte corrected.
Neo felt obigied to agree. But despite everything that had happened and the conditions he had to live under, he had never had more of a reason to live. He hoped that the others felt simularly or another Cypher might make a guest appearance. Becuase nothing was as dangerous as a traitor, he hoped.

Agent Veitch was desperate, so he called upon a file that was made for cases like this.”Dark One” was a file so classified that only one of the three agents knew it. His predosseser Agent Smith had the code and it had been passed to him. He double clicked on it and the file apaered on the computer

Dark One
Classified File
Password **********

The dark one- to be used only if the Rebel’s “ONE” appears. Recently discorved contact line 918.472.3005.- Agent Smith
ORIGINAL dark one- the first. Mission sucsessful. Dark one destroyed. -Agent Alpha

Agent Alpha?! Amazing the first Agent had worked on this. No one knew what had happened to him. But if he pondered this longer the humans could cause more damage. He punched the contact line. And was greated but a arrogant haughty voice.
“Uh yeah this is Patrick.”
“Dark One report here immediately.”
“Holy crap. Who are you??” he hissed. In the backround he heard a soft female voice protest. Comanding for him to get back in bed.
“Report in two hour.” he cut the link.
Was it possiable that this human’s abilities matched Anderson’s? He proceeded to download two Agent programs. He noticed a new files.
Agent-male, Caucasian, brown hair,eyes
Agent-male, African
Agent-female, Caucasian,blond hair,browneyes
Agent-female, African
Intrusting, he double clicked “Agent-male,African” and “Agent-female, Caucasian,blond hair,brown eyes.” Two human prisoners, street bums he had collected for this dilema morphed into the physical descriptions. They both wore suits similair to his. The Africian stood and rumbled.
“I am Agent White.”
“And I am Agent Leahy.” The female Agent said.
“We have a meeting with the Dark One.” he said and they followed, they had recieved a briefing though their ear phones. He didn’t like the idea of dealing with humans, they were erratic, relyed on their emotion, and were stubborn and always needed reasons for everything. Machines were better but sometimes a human virus appeared that refused to be deleted.

A figure in the doorway what that of a tall human. When he moved into the light Agent Veitch got a better look at him. He had blond hair and brown eyes, acording to his files he was good looking for human standards. He wore khakis, a navy windbreaker, and gym shoes.
“Uh, I guess you’re the guy who called me.”
“Perspective.” Agent Leahy grunted.
“Who’s the ugly brood?” the Dark One asked indicating Agent Leahy.
“That is not your concern at this moment. You in the past made a deal with us. Please give us a summery of the deal you made.”
“Sure, you boys don’t have much of a sense of humor do ya now? Well a year or two ago this dude, Smith I think it was said he could make me rich famous whatever I wanted.” he gave a snort.” Now what human in their right mind would give that up?
Well in turn I had to be prerpared to face this One dude who might show up.  Sooo he takes me to this room and bam I’m waking up in a severly ugly place, the real world as he explained it to me. He explained that my entire life had been a dream, not very nice. But now in the Matrix I can do some really cool things. Flying is probably the coolest part. So I no longer play battery for you dudes, I’m the last line of defense. I very nice trade if I say so my self.”
“Yes for a Human I guess it would be.”Agent Veitch said coldly.
“You son of a…” the human snapped.
“Emotions aside.” Agent Veitch commanded,”You have a job to do.”
“Okay so who do I have to hack?” he asked
“Thomas Anderson now he goes by the name ‘Neo’.” Agent White informed him.
“Anderson?” the guy asked with intrust.
“Do you know him?”
“Yeah I teased him in Junior High and High School.” he said, and sounded quite plaesed.”Lousy computer geek.”
“Hmm could this be used against him?” Agent Veitch asked.
“I highly doubt that.” Agent White said gaining looks of intrust.”He has killed many men, destroyed several Agents and has the abilities of our Dark One. I highly doubt that a childhood bully would have an affect on him now.”
“Wow, wouldn’t have expected that from him.”
“Do not underestemate him, it will be your last mistake.” Agnet White warned
“I can handle my self thanks.” the human growled.
“We will contact you when Anderson reappears which will be soon.”
“Okay.” The Dark One answered stuipidly. He turned and began to leave.
“On the other hand I believe we have just found our clue.” Agent White said and the two sentinals and a human crowded around him.”I believe we can use this man, who they will soon try to awaken.”
The human smiled, a blood thirsty smile that Agent Veitch liked, Smith had chosen well. Very well indeed.

Neo leaned back and closed his eyes, it was his first night watch and so so far it was extremely boring. Though he didn’t know how pleased Morpheus would be if he found out that he had fallen asleep on the job. It was only the second time he’d ever been on watch. After only his second trip into the Matrix he’d needed recovery time. He grimced at the memory, lead in your chest was not a pleasnt experience. He had healed his RSI, but his physicial body was another story, once damage has been done to the physicial body it needs actual physical treatment. When a still hooked in person gets hurt, human heal the RSI, but the machines healed the actual body.
“What the…?!” Neo exclaimed as he looked back at the computer. Agents were at Zekk’s house! He let loose a long string of imaginitive swears ran around and pounded on every one’s door, except Teeky he just couldn’t do it to her.
They all appeared bedraggled especially Byte and Gizmo.
“What’s wrong Neo?” Morpheus said pushing to the frount of the pack.
“Agents are at Zekks house.” Neo exclaimed, trust something to happen on his watch! But still underneith he was glad he liked hurting the Agents, liked it alot.
“I believe we should take no action.” Morpheus said.
“WHAT!?” the entire crew yelled, even Trinity.
“He knows nothing of us. So the Agents pose no problem.”
“Actually, he knows, because I told him.” a soft voice said from behind them.”He only knows about Neo..”
“We’re screwed!” Gizmo yelled.”They know Neo works for Morpheus and Tinity works with Morpheus. This also puts me and Byte’s necks on the line!  Lady you just signed our death warrents!”
“I didn’t even know about Agents when I told him.” she tried to explain her action.
“I warned you!” Neo snapped.
“So we have to go in.” Trinity said quitely. Odd she seemed reluctant to go into the Matrix.
“Alrightly we doing this or not?” Tank asked. Hoping into his usual chair.
“Yeah full force.” Tinity agreed.
“Yee-ha” Byte added dryly.
“Yeah well what they don’t expect is the most likely to work.” Neo said.”Worked last time at least.”
“I hope your right.”
“I hope I am too.”
The odd feeling of being “downloaded” was almost unnoticable for their was so many other things on his mind. They apeared in a dark room a block away from Zekk’s apartment. The whole group moved forward but Neo held back and grabbed Trinity’s arm.
“Neo? What’s wrong.” she turned and faced him.
“I guess I could ask you the same question. Something’s up Trin what is it?”
The haunted exprssion on her face scared him more than any Agent. It had really spooked her and anything that scared Trinty was BAD really BAD.
“You died Neo you died.”
“I can’t be killed in the Matrix, you know that Trin.” he put his arm around.
“The man who killed you, he was flying Neo.”
Their conversation was cut short by their arrival at Zekk’s apartmant building. It was a decrepit old building.
“What’s the plan?” Trinity said shifting into her second in command role.  Trin never showed any weakness, she was really amazing.
“Two go up though the window. The rest though the door. Neo? Byte?”
“All three of them  are up there, Zekk is alive they haven’t hurt him yet.His wife’s unconsiuos, she probably Od’ed on what ever she takes. Another human up there, his sense is fuzzy, odd.”
“Thank God Zekk isn’t dead!!” Teeky exclaimed.
Byte continued.”All I see is alot of shooting, some blood. Things are gonna get pretty ugly.”
Neo wondered if Byte would try to stop a mission if she was gonna die. No she was heroic and knew what needed to be done. She had become the crew’s little sister and losing her would be tough. But would she stop if somebody else was gonna die, his chances of dying were slim to none. But the rest were dangerously mortal in the Matrix. He was scared not for him but for his
friends, he had a bad feeling bout this.
“Let’s go!”he yelled and held Trinity.
He flew up with Trinity in his arms. Her gun was drawn and as soon as they reached the window, the shooting started…

To be Continued…….

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