Tina Price

Ghost in the Machine

Despite Neo’s considerable powers within the Matrix, he and his new found family group are no more than human in the real world, which is where the latest battles with the machines are being fought

Infection – Part I

The first part of the sequel to Ghost in the Machine.  Infection – Part II was never written.


Walking the Path

The story of a girl that is rescued from the Matrix and her struggles to walk the path.

A Price of a Find

The prologue to Broken Reflections and the follow on from Walking the Path. Who is Ram and what is she doing?

Peechy Kaz

A Visit form the Past

Tank sees an old friend, and trouble brews.

Separation Anxiety

Sequel to A Visit From The Past




The Dark One


Deus Ex Machina

It may seem like an author avatar “a person with enormous talent released from the matrix” story during the first page or two. It is not. If you are one who dismisses Mary Sue stories (and there who do), please read until page three or four before deciding whether to finish this story. I purposely did not read Ghost in the Machine until I finished writing this story.


The Scout

It is about a man that is pulled out of the Matrix but then decides that he does not want to go back in. Instead he fights the AI’s in the real world. The story is in 4 parts I have attached the first part to this email. I didn’t know if you want the rest all at once or do you want them spread out over a few days?

Robert ‘Choi’ Boehm

The Matrix v3.03
Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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