“Water” actress Lisa Ray auditions for Wachowski’s

By cornelius February 26th, 2007, in Miscellaneous, The Wachowski Brothers

“Water opens door for Canadian actor Lisa Ray says the passion in Deepa Mehta’s film propelled momentum

LOS ANGELES — It’s amazing what a nod from the balding, gold guy can do.

Since Deepa Mehta’s film Water was nominated for best foreign film by the Academy Awards, Toronto-born actress Lisa Ray’s phone has been ringing off the hook.

This past week, the 34 year-old brunette has been working 15-hour days on a Hollywood studio lot auditioning for a new project with the Wachowski brothers, the same duo who created and directed the Matrix trilogy as well as V For Vendetta.

Ray plays down the impact the film’s Oscar nomination has had on her career recently, but adds the success of Water has “opened a certain amount of doors.”

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